Designing a Business Office: What Really Matters

by Marie Rodriguez

Starting a business can be an exciting moment. You are the leader of what could soon be an empire, allowing you to make the most out of your career and adult life. However, you might get one shot at it. Starting a business can be costly, taking most of your life savings and plunging you into debt because of small business loans. As a result, your entrepreneurial journey should consist of growth and success goals.

One of the steps you must take is building an office for your employees. It will serve as the station of productivity and efficiency, ensuring your resources and funds take you to your rightful destination. Unfortunately, a poorly designed office can have the reverse effect on your employees. If you want to create the ideal office for your workers, these areas should be your top priority.

Business Office

The Employee Workstations

The office will be ground zero for employees. Nearly every task and process necessary for direct operations will happen inside that establishment. The situation dictates how the office design will play out, especially when those jobs require tools and equipment that take up space. Offices should be a place for productivity and efficiency, making it necessary to design them for those aspects. However, the most significant factor involves your most valuable business assets. Companies know that employees are why work tasks and processes get completed.

Employees need all the bare essentials to perform work, usually consisting of a computer, notes, pens, and other office supplies. However, the workstation also offers a private environment, preventing distractions that keep them away from their jobs. The office design should benefit the employees, and prioritizing their workstations is a step in the right direction. Cubicles might be ideal, but you can remove a few barriers to make it a more friendly workplace.

The Office Amenities

The office is a commercial establishment for employees’ work and performance. However, business owners must remember that their workers have necessities to accomplish daily. Those things include eating, using the bathroom, and resting. Unfortunately, your workspace design might not prioritize areas where they can perform those things. Fortunately, you can hire a contractor to help you with the office design with the necessary amenities.

The office pantry and bathrooms are a must. The size of those amenities depends on how many employees will work in the area. The bathroom, in particular, requires a spacious environment to avoid overcrowding. The pandemic makes making space for the bathroom even more essential, with social distancing protocols becoming a necessity.

The break room might be optional, but employees would benefit from having a place to rest their eyes, minds, and bodies. However, it needs to be a hospitable area, securing office furniture items. Indoor plants, modern appliances, and entertainment items must also be in the break room, ensuring employees get the most out of their well-deserved breaks.

The Meeting Rooms

The office will be a collaborative workspace. However, there might be a few situations where teams require privacy. Client meetings, urgent projects, and leadership sessions might need closed doors. As a result, the employee workstation might not be the ideal place for it. There needs to be a room where private conversations and discussions happen, making it necessary to create closed-door meeting rooms. Those areas will be essential for businesses, even for the negative things.

The Atmosphere

Once you have the essential areas for your office, the environment becomes the next thing you must focus on for design. Setting up a productive atmosphere is more than just the materials. The ventilation system, the lighting, the eco-friendly area, and the room temperature can affect employees’ moods and mindsets.

The office atmosphere needs to bring out the best in your employees. The ventilation system should not distract people from their work. The lighting should not be bright enough to keep employees from focusing on their jobs, nor should it be dim enough to make working impossible. Indoor plants and eco-friendly materials can make the office healthier and more spacious. Windows could also introduce the illusion of space. Setting up the office atmosphere might be tricky because it involves several steps. However, it will be worth the investment when your employees work up to par.

Designing your first office can be exciting, but you must ensure that the layout provides the best environment for your employees. Many factors will be considered, but these tasks will be prioritized when creating the design. As long as you secure these, your business can prosper.

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