Polley Named Vice President for Administrative Services

by Marie Rodriguez

William Polley, interim VP for administrative offerings, has been named VP for executive offerings at Western Illinois University, mighty July 1. Polley has served as the meantime VP of administrative services since May 2018. He has also previously served as the partner dean of WIU’s College of Business and Technology. Polley came to WIU in 2005 as a faculty member within the Department of Economics and Decision Sciences. He has served as director and application guide for WIU’s MBA program and the graduate application in economics.

Polley Named Vice President for Administrative Services 3

Before coming to Western, Polley was an assistant professor at Bradley University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and arithmetic from Concordia College and his Ph.D. From the University of Iowa. Dr. Polley’s tremendous experience in economics and his business and management experience will assist circulate the University in an immense course,” stated WIU President Jack Thomas. As vice president for administrative services, Polley is the liaison on economic subjects to various country and federal companies and the many external constituencies.

The University serves. He also oversees the route and leadership of Business Services, Document and Publication Services, Facilities Management, Human Resources, the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board Executive Institute and Media Resource Center, Public Safety, Purchasing, Risk Management, and Emergency Preparedness. Polley will also oversee the coverage and state-mandated ethics programs, provide University coordination with legal recommendations, and serve as the executive liaison to the Council of Administrative Personnel and the Civil Service Employees Council.

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