Major US Army Exercise to Focus on the South China Sea

by Marie Rodriguez

The U.S. Army’s important Pacific-place workout in 2020 will pay attention to China-based situations inside the South and, in all likelihood, East China Seas.

Major US Army Exercise to Focus on the South China Sea 3

General Robert Brown, the Commander of U.S. Army forces within the Pacific, explained the 2020 Defender Pacific exercise’s outlines at a March conference. While the military specializes in associate-building throughout the Pacific, the excessive-stop combat situations it prioritized have typically targeted a struggle at the Korean peninsula.

The exercise will install a division-sized force in the South China Sea to augment army forces already stationed ahead within the Western Pacific and perform in conventional U.S. Accomplice-countries like the Philippines and Thailand; however, additionally, may work in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

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General Brown did not get into the specifics of the exercise. However, the geography of the predicted multinational members and the U.S. Army’s renewed attention on projecting force across new domain names, such as concentrated on ships to help the U.S. Navy with sea manipulation operations, suggests that part of the sporting events may look at neutralizing China’s fleet and its militarized island bases.

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