by Marie Rodriguez

For a home builder in 2019, the questions “Who’re you?” and “Who do you want to be?” are relevant and compelling. Now. In three hours. Tomorrow morning while you wake up. Constantly. Perpetually.

Before you dismiss the two questions as pointless or the solutions obvious, bear with me. After an eye-roll, a domestic builder’s reaction can be, “I [or we] build homes and promote them.” To which we might say, “Precise luck with that.”


Yes, humans–of every age, household kind, income bracket, geography, and occupation–need homes. They want them now and continually will, so “building houses and selling them” may also appear like a boundless opportunity to convert need into a sustainably worthwhile business enterprise.

And sure, so of both homes and jobs producing them and consumption behavior related to each.

Yet, in this day and age, those wishes and this demand–albeit developing, steady, and perpetual–don’t guarantee viability as a home-building going subject because too many different conditions–lots of them negative–play too critical a role.

We communicate and write about those situations often. The trouble and price and chance of financing a home website online. The political indifference, or worse, competition, to growing new housing stock. The unpredictability and value stress around securing and orchestrating 25 professional exchange partners to do their element. The vast, erratic fee variability of materials and merchandise is due to seasonal ebb-and-float delivery dynamics, potential constraint, and demand, or, of late, to international trade dislocation and uncertainty.

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