Self-Appreciation 101: How You Can Reward Yourself

by Marie Rodriguez
You just achieved the goal that you have set for yourself at your age. What will you do next?

With the euphoria still crackling, let’s discuss how you will celebrate this milestone. You may choose to go out with your loved ones. After being stuck at home for roughly a year, going out for dinner seems to be an excellent idea. You also have other options.


It would help if you rewarded yourself for a job well done. After everything you have invested — both time and effort — it only fits that you mark your success with a physical or intangible trophy. If you don’t know what to get for yourself, you should listen carefully.

A Little Me Time

You may not have remembered the last time you took a break. After your win, you should take this as the chance to do so. If you have just been promoted, this little me-time will give you the strength to tackle your new post. This retreat will provide you with a chance to recollect your thoughts and plan out your next step.

You may choose to pamper yourself in a spa. You don’t have to worry if you hesitate to do this because of the pandemic. There are some guidelines on how to remain safe.

You can indulge in a weekend getaway with your better half. You may opt for a package with a relaxing atmosphere, round-the-clock service, and decadent meals. Several establishments offer a holistic spa approach. The package may include sunrise yoga and organic fruit juice diets. This option will leave you physically rejuvenated and mentally at peace.

Perfect Memento

If going to a spa for the weekend is not your kind of thing, you might consider buying a trinket to capture the moment. This may be some personalized bling or perhaps a vintage bottle of wine.

Let’s say that you received a notice that a company is willing to help you plan to self-publish a cookbook. Others may think it is too early to celebrate a moment like this, but it is not because the deal is a cinch.

In this case, you can choose to celebrate the moment by buying that one item that you have been keeping your eye on. This little souvenir is your way of capturing your success. This trophy may come in the form of a book from your favorite author or a fancy pen with your name engraved on it.

That Special Dinner

Of course, you must celebrate your victory with your loved ones. After being stuck in the house for roughly a year, it is great to be with the ones who are dearest to your heart. But it would help if you did minor assignments before the affair.

With the Delta variant still looming large, it is necessary to take extra precautions. This way, you will celebrate your win without getting anyone sick.

When doing your homework, you must check the ventilation of the establishment. For example, a restaurant offers a seating arrangement with a foot-long distance between one diner. You may think that their account passes your safety standards. But you must take a closer look at things.

You should ask yourself if viral contaminants are less concentrated in the seating arrangement. Is there enough free-flowing air in between diners to dilute any aerosol pollutants? Suppose you choose between a restaurant that offers an outdoor dining experience and an establishment that organizes its seats to allow some distance between diners. In that case, you should choose the one that allows outdoor dining.

Let’s say that the restaurant has created a temporary structure to cater to patrons who want to eat outside the establishment. If you must dine in this kind of setting, you should opt for one without walls, especially if it happens to be a windy day. This kind of structure will allow air to circulate. This preparation seems too much for one night out with loved ones. But it is better to be safe than sorry.

Everyone has taken an emotional toll because of the pandemic. This sad state is the reason you should celebrate your victory. It will make you feel better. If you choose to party with your loved ones, the ability to do so is already a blessing. After all, most of us were on our own for a year. Celebrating your win with your loved ones will make the victory so much sweeter.

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