Servicing Your Vehicle: Different Mechanics and What They Can Do

by Marie Rodriguez

There are many varieties of mechanics in the automotive industry. Each serves a different purpose and visiting the wrong one can be a waste of time. However, knowing each type of mechanic is helpful if you’ve newly purchased a vehicle, may it be a motorcycle or a truck.

Servicing Your Vehicle

The automotive industry is filled with many professions. In general, at least 15 careers are available to people, each having its own set of specializations. Although most career paths might have one or two domains, one particular job has multiple disciplines: mechanics.

Like being a doctor, a mechanic needs to specialize in a particular vehicle or a specific part of a vehicle to function optimally. Unfortunately, mechanics that claim to know-it-all all tend to do more damage than good. This article will explore the different types of mechanics in the automotive industry and what they can do for you.

Auto Mechanic

The most common mechanics out there, and considered to be general mechanics by most. Think of them as the family doctor, they make a lot of diagnoses, but when a complicated problem arises, they’ll refer you to a more experienced doctor in the field. That’s what an auto mechanic does. They do a lot of different fixes to get you going but do not necessarily solve the problem. However, in most cases, this is going to be the mechanic you’ll be visiting the most.

The most common problems by vehicles can be fixed by an auto mechanic, the same way a family doctor can help treat a cold or a fever. However, when it comes to much more complicated problems for your vehicle, you’ll need a mechanic specializing in that specific part.

Tire Mechanic

Auto mechanics can’t fix tires unless they also have a specialization in it. But most mechanics who fix tire problems are tire mechanics. They are responsible for choosing a new tire for your vehicle, checking if it’s adequately inflated, and fixing any suspension problems. So they are the proper mechanics to visit if you think your car needs a new set of tires.

Auto-Exhaust Mechanic

Many vehicles function using an exhaust system. This is to help your vehicle stay calm despite the amount of energy being used to run it. Auto-exhaust mechanics are the people to visit if you think you have problems with your vehicle’s exhaust system. This includes your vehicle taking too long to cool or it’s too loud. These are usually problems related to your exhaust.

Interestingly enough, auto-exhaust mechanics are the only mechanics that require to have experience in welding and fabrication. This is because the parts of the vehicle they usually handle need special tools to remove and re-assemble.

Diesel Mechanic

Next up on the list are diesel mechanics. Diesel mechanics are the prominent people to visit if you have a vehicle running on diesel. This includes trucks (sometimes pick-up trucks), buses, trailers, and more. You might ask why an auto-mechanic can’t do this job, and the answer to that is simple: diesel-powered vehicles have different moving parts compared to other automobiles.

good diesel repair can lead your vehicle to function at an optimal level again. It will also be free of oil and any diesel that might have jammed the system. Most gas-powered vehicles don’t encounter this problem, but diesel-powered vehicles experience it all the time.

Auto-Body Mechanic

Got a scratch on your car’s new paint? Want a new bumper installed? Looking into giving your vehicle a good shine? Then an auto-body mechanic is for you. Auto-body mechanics generally handle the aesthetics and external parts of the car. So they are the ones to visit if you want to give your vehicle a new look. They can paint, wrap, and even install new parts for you.

Auto-Glass Mechanic

Last on this list is auto-glass mechanics. They tend to be confused by auto-body mechanics since most auto-body mechanics have qualifications for being an auto-glass mechanic, but in most instances, they are different. For example, auto-glass mechanics can help you remove and install parts of your car windows while an auto-body mechanic cannot. They can also create custom-made windows for your car if you’re into that.

Race Car Mechanics

A fun addition to this list is race car mechanics. You’re not going to find these guys anywhere aside from the race tracks, and they tend to work in teams. They are also the most paid mechanics among this bunch. But their jobs aren’t pushovers either. You technically require a degree in engineering to be even a part of this team of mechanics.

You’ll probably never need this kind of mechanic, but hey, if you have a Ferarri 488 GTE or a GT3, you’re going to need these guys. So make sure you have the funds for it too, cause you’re going to need it.

These are the types of mechanics out there in the automotive industry and what they do. Our mechanics are unsung heroes, and they don’t get paid enough. So make sure to tip them well whenever you visit them.

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