Jinn, Jinx and Jaded lifestyle

by Marie Rodriguez

As a war society, Kashmir has unleashed myriad intellectual and bodily fitness agonies on its citizenry. Even as natives are familiar with healthcare experts and faith healers, a shadow of lack of knowledge is best developing and becoming a new fear.

Jinn, Jinx and Jaded lifestyle 3

She sighed and stared dejectedly out of the window. Her fingers lay motionless while her eyes gazed at the unfathomable depths of the sky, not possible to in shape inside the restrained spectrum of what she deemed to be her life.

The city was kind and cruel to her. Unbeknownst to her conscious, waking thoughts, it had greatly fashioned and carved her to be part of the bustling roads, monotonous people, and shimmering shops.

But it has been snatched away from her, just as she started to recognize its essentiality.

On the skinny carpet beside her lay two sewing needles and rolls of thread. Upon coming returned to her ‘ proper location’ in her domestic, a long way from the glamour she had grown up in, her mother and the human beings she had in no way recognized well in her lifestyles deemed it in shape to keep in mind her next position to include the two needles and the two rolls of thread.

A bubble of anger and something vicious that she couldn’t describe rose in her throat. Her eyes commenced to water. Her thoughts flooded with scenes of laughter, happiness, and sorrow.

Her mom watched her from the back of the door, clicking her tongue and whispering to herself in a lamented tone.

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