Jinn, Jinx and Jaded lifestyle

by Marie Rodriguez

Kashmir being a war- society has unleashed myriad intellectual and bodily fitness agonies on its citizenry. Even as natives common healthcare experts and faith healers to get going, a shadow of lack of knowledge is best developing and turning into a new fear.

She sighed and stared dejectedly out of the window. Her fingers lay motionless while her eyes gazed at the unfathomable depths of the sky not possible to in shape inside the restrained spectrum of what she deemed to be her life.

The city was each kind and cruel to her. Unbeknownst to her aware, waking thoughts, it had greatly fashioned and carved her to be part of the bustling roads, monotonous people and shimmering shops.

But it has been snatched away from her, just as she had all started to recognize its essentiality.

On the skinny carpet beside her, lay two sewing needles and rolls of thread. Upon coming returned to her ‘rightful location’ in her domestic, a long way far from the glamour she had grown up in, her mother and the human beings she had in no way recognized well in her lifestyles deemed it in shape to keep in mind her next position to include the two needles, and the two rolls of thread.

A bubble of anger and something vicious which she couldn’t describe rose up in her throat. Her eyes commenced to water. Her thoughts flooded with scenes of laughter, happiness, and sorrow.

Her mom watched her from in the back of the door, clicking her tongue and whispering to herself in a lamented tone.

“Casting her off….So unexpectedly….Wasn’t even able to learn…to study…”

She trotted slowly closer to the kitchen, with the gait of a woman for whom sorrow has been a constant unwelcome guest. She absentmindedly stirred the pot and spoke to it of her ache, a habit that made her heart feel much less exhausted.

“Raheela,” she called out to her daughter. “Come and prepare some food for lunch.” She became toward the pot. “My bad daughter,” she muttered while reducing the vegetables. “Destiny has by no means been the type to her. So cruel, so merciless…They broke my daughter’s heart. They have my God to answer.”

A little while surpassed by means of without any response. The lady stood up and walked toward the room, resuming her monologue and clicking her tongue at Raheela who hadn’t moved an inch from her typical place near the window.

Instead, her head turned into down and tears have been flowing freely.

The lady took long strides towards her and clasped at Raheela’s wrist. “Stop crying!” she thundered, shaking her. “They used you and then threw you away! What’s the usage of losing a lot of time considering it? Are you going to sit on this damned region till you die?! Get up!”

Raheela shrieked and slapped her mother’s arm. Her arms instinctively flew over her eyes and she sobbed harder.

“Useless child!” Her mother yelled. “Couldn’t you have got learned a factor or two even as frolicking around? What is your antique mom supposed to do now? How will she take care of you?” Her eyes began to sting. “What have I done to deserve such a fate? Why is the whole thing so unjust? How am I intended to deal with all of this on my own?”

Raheela shook her head at her questions, believing there wasn’t any answer that would satisfy each damaged hearts.

A few months later, but, an ‘answer’ arrived.


Raheela (not her actual call) become a younger village girl who was taken to the town through her spouse and children with the aim and promise to train her. However, upon her arrival, she turned into handled like a maid and was saved inside the residence to meet family chores. Time surpassed and she or he grew acquainted with the metropolis’s manner of life, having been bred in the society and its less intrusive methods.

After some years, she became taken returned to the village because of a mistake she had committed inside the house. Unable to develop familiarity with the village’s methods and values, she despised her home and the inhabitants in it. Her family, but, weighing her age and her situations, felt it befitting to announce the subsequent step that would optimistically give up her disappointment.


“Let’s get her married.”

Raheela’s face stiffened upon listening to her loved ones’ words. Her eyes, however, stayed educated at the p.C. Of beads she becomes fidgeting with.

“Kulsum, isn’t it time you leave that horrible tale in the back of you? Give your daughter a new existence and get her settled with a good guy,” Yasmeen said even as reassuringly patting Raheela’s bent returned. The different women of the community murmured in a settlement.

“Our Raheela will locate someone terrific,” one stated. “Her future will not be wrong.”

“Raheela has been so kind to anyone,” another implored. “How can the Almighty even think about being unjust to her?”

Her mother rocked her right foot at the same time as her gaze followed Raheela’s moves. Her callous fingers trembled.

Marriage becomes a union that the Almighty Himself had stated in the Holy Book. If Raheela became to marry an awesome guy, wouldn’t she be able to leave at the back of her beyond and create a brand new present?

“You’re right,” she heard herself saying as Sorrow loomed inside the back. “Find a terrific man for my Raheela. Help her stand on her own feet once more,” she implored to the bunch of ladies. “My daughter has never wanted any pain upon a person. My daughter needs to revel in her happiness too.”

The girls smiled and, in go back, sent prayers and accurate wishes to Raheela’s awaited husband in shining armor, who they believed might whisk her away from her worries and assist her to start a brand new life.

The tension in the room dimmed following the settlement and Kulsum determined herself attaching her hopes to the glimmer of mild. She looked at Raheela with a cautious smile, the first in a long term, on her face.

Raheela looked at her with sullen, hollow eyes and a dimming heartbeat, unable to grin lower back.

12 months passed, and her mom’s prayers were the reality. A lean man in his past due the 30s sat in the room Raheela had gazed out of the window in, his blank eyes fixed in front of him. A myriad of fellows and youngsters sat on either facet, some conversing, a few watching at his stoic face at the same time as some jogging around and stealing the toffees thrown over the groom’s head.

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