MOZIAH Talks Artistic Expression, New Music Video, & His Love Of Indie Movies

by Marie Rodriguez

Marcus Guerrier is a storyteller who uses change. The young creative from significant New Jersey has been surrounded by creative inspiration from an early age, and that energy went on to gas his pastimes as he grew into adulthood. “Music becomes always around me wherever I go,” he displays. “Even if I was selecting something else, tune turned into continually within the blend in some way, form, or form.” After watching his dad sing across the house as a kid, Guerrier sang in church choirs and theater productions and even performed in a punk-ska band in excessive school.

MOZIAH Talks Artistic Expression, New Music Video, & His Love Of Indie Movies 3

After graduating with an acting degree from NYU’s esteemed Tisch School of the Arts two years ago, Guerrier launched a song below MOSIAH—his middle call shared with Jamaican activist Marcus Garvey. “I do not genuinely see [theater and music] as different things,” he says, “I see both as methods to get facts out and to get the reality out in a way that can be palatable and enjoyable.” With the help of his collaborators, MOSIAH launched his first album, Dax Nextdoor, in November, which he lovingly refers to as “an indie film approximately being in a brand new place and mastering the way to locate your self and your place within it.”

He calls Dax Nextdoor a “coming of age story approximately worry, love, and learning to fuck with yourself.” Fear mainly became a sensation that informed an awful lot of the album: “Scarred” was the first track he’d written for it, and nowadays, he is growing the following part of this film with the discharge of the “Scarred” song video.

The video shot at some point after simply some rehearsals became a collaborative effort with several of MOZIAH’s closest friends. He co-directed the video alongside his early life buddy Tyler Crosby, even as cinematographer Nicolas J. Capra helped convey the entire mission collectively visually. “We continually try and like put a bit of our studies into our work, and it turned into the equal component here,” he recollects. His sister Rasha choreographed the video with Dallas-primarily based dancer characters, each appearing in the video as a primary dancer.

“A lot of what came out of the ‘Skerred’ video became conversations about gaining knowledge of to work with fear,” he reflects. “Often there’s this idea of constantly having to be fearless, but I suppose fear is something that you have to acknowledge in existence usually,” he provides, likening the internal strength that worry brings to confidently speeding down a hill on a longboard.

Fear rarely infiltrates MOZIAH’s degree presence, but with a performing history at one of the high-quality colleges in the U.S A. And a track profession regularly driven by using live indicates, it is going without pronouncing that studying paintings with fear and degree fright is something that MOSIAH has had to discover ways to images with for the reason that his days in a band with co-director Tyler. “I sense so free on degree,” he smiles, constantly aiming to supply the quality overall performance possible whether or not he’s on a degree in a musical or theatrical potential. “Music isn’t always just the sounds and the audio that we soak up anymore,” he keeps, “It’s the enjoyment, and on the subject of that live experience, I want you to depart with something you can’t get everywhere else.”

One component MOSIAH needs as he advances in his career is extra getting right of entry to quite appeared areas inside the song enterprise and beyond—now not only for himself but for different artists of shade. “I just need so that you can have access to do extra, to mention more, and to offer humans wonderful studies in other methods except for just song,” the feedback. “I act, I write, I love doing a lot of exclusive stuff. However, it isn’t only interest for me; I love those matters because I like to get the facts available, to get good statistics accessible, and to present human beings’ incredible stories.” This is partly why he refers to Dax Nextdoor as an indie movie, including that getting admission to his needs may seem like securing an assembly with a reputable movie manufacturing agency for a film pitch.

Because Dax Nextdoor became narratively knowledgeable through his reviews of living in New York after graduating from college, MOSIAH says that the brand new track he’s been working on has been stimulated through his unique lifestyle using the Jersey Shore. Though he cannot tell much about it, he’s excited to have it out through these 12 months. “I want to take human beings to the seashore,” he laughs.

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