How Google photos helped us pin down

by Marie Rodriguez

Martial eagles are in fast decline in South Africa, with many different elements in sub-Saharan Africa. These declines were so steep that this species is now considered vulnerable to extinction.

How Google photos helped us pin down 3

But conservationists still don’t have an excellent handle on what can be riding these declines throughout Africa. Suggestions consist of habitat loss, planned and accidental poisoning, hunting in reaction to the fear of livestock loss, collisions with energy traces, and pollution.

A current challenge is a discount in to-be-had prey. Unfortunately, our understanding of what this species games on is tremendously damaging. We only have South African studies from the 1980s.

Our studies sought to conquer some of those obstacles. We explored some opportunity options for identifying important prey eaten using this species.

As martial eagles are lovely, human beings love to take pics of them and put up those online. We realized that many photographers, from amateurs to specialists, were accumulating information. To help answer a few conservation questions, we tapped into these valuable pics taken at multiple places throughout the continent over a few years.

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