Music Inc. 2019: Independent artists need to be included with sports: Experts

by Marie Rodriguez

At Music Inc. 2019, an experienced panel mentioned ‘Feeding the Superfan Appetite- Sports X Music’. The panel comprised Moderator Ravi Krishnan, CEO & Co-founder, Stepathlon Lifestyle Pvt Ltd.; Lydia Buthello, EVP of Brand Experience & Events, Star India; Jiggy George, Founder of Dream Theatre, Indranil Blah, CEO, Mumbai City FC; Vivek Nayer, CMO, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mohit Joshi, MD, Havas Media Group.

Music Inc. 2019: Independent artists need to be included with sports: Experts 3

Opening the discussion on leveraging tune for sports, Ravi Krishnan directed the primary question to Vivek Nayar, CMO of Mahindra & Mahindra. Krishnan asked how the agency uses the track to drive performance and commercial viability for their properties. Referring to Mahindra’s global motorsport Formula

E, Nayar stated, “To preserve fan engagement between races, we picked one track and used it to create content on social media to interact with fans. We were given Formula E drivers to bounce to Bollywood Bhangra song. The video took the existence of its personnel. That’s one example of using songs to interact with fanatics. Speaking of fan engagement as the ‘Holy Grail’ of the game, Krishnan requested Indranil Blah, Mumbai City FC, to discuss further, “We realized that Mumbai isn’t always a soccer-centric town. So, the way to bridge that gap with the lovers and get them to accomplice with the team? We got up with an anthem, which was composed by Pritam. Sports and track create an emotional connection to fanatics. It’s worked well for us.

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