Chinese designs wow at Shanghai Fashion Week

by Marie Rodriguez

Shanghai Fashion Week attracted some young Chinese designers with a worldwide schooling history to return to the town with apparel that became both realistic and cheap. Their attention becomes on regular clothes that integrate Chinese elements.

Shanghai-based Shushu/Tong is popular with overseas bloggers and consumers, combining grunge avenue style with one-of-a-kind tailoring. British fashion blogger Susie Lau (additionally called Susie Bubble), whose Style Bubble weblog is one of the most successful and extensively diagnosed because it began in 2006, wears Shushu/Tong at the occasion.

Chinese designs wow at Shanghai Fashion Week 2

Street style at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Lau stated, “This is my 0.33 time at Shanghai Fashion Week, but I still find it incredibly inspiring. As a fashion capital out of doors, the four traditional ones — Milan, Paris, London, and New York — Shanghai additionally have a deep talent pool. The quantity of the latest Chinese designers who graduated from outstanding design colleges and returned to Shanghai has grown. They are showing their exciting work here. In my view, it’s sincerely a talent-spotting occasion.

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