7 Low-Key Genius Clothing Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of

by Marie Rodriguez

Clothes! We all put on them! But occasionally, they may cause essential frustration while a thread snags, the cloth is pilled past perception, or your dress is not staying in the region. And more frequently than ever, the gear to fix said troubles is not on hand while you’re out and on the go (or have zero cash). Enter those unsung fashion hacks from Reddit that fee essentially nothing and function more, not unusual, gadgets that you could use for your purse or stash at your desk.

7 Low-Key Genius Clothing Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of 3

Back-comb your faux-fur or fleece items to present them with extra fluff.
Are you trying to get your hairy coat’s ultimate couple of uses before it warms up? However, it’s all raveled, pilled, and not lovable. Gently take a back-combing brush to provide it more life (i.e., make it fuzzier). This technique also eliminates rough pilling, so your coats and sweaters will make an appearance (almost) as right as new!

Use packing tape as an emergency lint roller.

Sometimes, you realize you don’t have a lint curler on you, and it’s usually the instant you need its maximum direction. But every other component that’ll get all the one’s lint fuzzies and hair off yourself is suitable old-school packing tape.

One Reddit consumer swears using Scotch packing tape: “Much stickier than a lint brush and pulls the whole thing off in a single yank.” And I consider her. So, if you’re ever in a pinch at the office before a large assembly, you may scrounge around for a roll and look at the power of this yourself. (While you find it, hoard it at your table to maintain it reachable for destiny use.)

The back of your earring fell out? Stick a pencil eraser in it.

One 2nd, you’re carrying a heavy earring, and the following drops on the ground because the again slid off—and is misplaced all the time. But you don’t move the entire day looking to optimistically rock an available earring while pretending this turned into part of your lewk all along. Enter a nifty pencil eraser that holds your studs and dangly accessories in your earlobe.

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