A Popular Fashion Copycat Account Are Throwing Jabs

by Marie Rodriguez

Arielle Charnas, the influencer and blogger at the back of Something Navy, a wildly a hit weblog became fashion line, is currently engaged in a public and ongoing red meat with equally a hit and famous Instagram account Diet Prada.

It all started out with a headband layout.

Diet Prada is watchdog account that frequently posts designs it accuses of being copied. On Tuesday, it accused Charnas of ripping off a Prada scarf for her Something Navy line at Nordstrom.

“We noticed you dodging citing @prada as the plain inspo for the padded headbands to your @somethingnavy series with @nordstrom lol. We get it…Now not all and sundry have $240 to spend on one,” it wrote. The put up additionally clarified that Prada did now not invent the style of scarf, however, that the luxurious brand “revived” it.

Diet Prada, which has 1.2 million followers, then took the opportunity to retain dunking on Charnas through presenting different side-via-facet pictures of shoe designs it said she copied.

The publish on Instagram has already been appreciated over 30,000 times. At first, avid fans and other watchdog style justice warriors rallied at the back of the accusations. The fans were uninterested with influencers “who start their personal traces with the aid of copying others,” as one commenter wrote.

“Wtf do any of the girls provide creatively????” another said approximately Charnas. “Entitled white ladies are a nap.”
Very fast, but, the matter grew larger than the original accusation at hand. On Wednesday, Charnas determined to respond to Diet Prada — but not necessarily to the real plagiarism accusation.

The blogger shared a chain of Instagram stories to name out the vicious assaults she’s been getting seeing that Diet Prada shared its post.

She turned around some of the feedback calling her “unsightly” and numerous threats to her lifestyles. One mainly cruel comment she highlighted added her younger daughter into the controversy. She tagged @diet_prada in all of them.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” she then delivered in an IG tale press launch directed at @diet_prada.

Charnas become not executed. In every other story, she wrote a protracted message to Diet Prada, accusing it of “creat[ing] the most negative platform on planet Earth to rally up animals like this.”

She then defended herself, saying she sincerely took “proposal from road style and runway” and “add[ed] twists to it” to offer merchandise to her followers “who might not be capable of affording the stylish, high-cease portions.”

Charnas, who also has 1.2 million fans, went on to mention Diet Prada had deliberately incited its “gang” to annoy her and her own family.

At this point, Charnas’s fanatics began defending her on Diet Prada’s posts.

It claimed its authentic copycat accusation argument was vulnerable, or even if she did take the layout, one person stated, “it is glaringly not your process to put up horrific remarks about an influencer who’s clearly looking to manage her process.”

Others definitely attempted to call for an end to the “vitriol.”

Diet Prada’s supporters then took to Charnas’s Instagram account to accuse her of attempting to divert the highlight faraway from her.

One individual commented that it changed into “hysterical” that Charnas — whom they characterized as “a woman who has absolutely had the entirety exceeded to her on a silver platter” — is accusing @diet_prada of creating a “poisonous subculture.”

“What’s poisonous is her loss of accountability. She’s teaching all of her followers that you can simply factor the finger & won’t need to answer to your wrongdoings,” they said.

Another person chimed in to say that it becomes now not Diet Prada’s fault for the harassment she’s getting. “They can’t manage what human beings say after analyzing their posts,” they argued.

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