Can You Make Your City Commute Easier?

by Marie Rodriguez

City dwellers often develop a complicated relationship with the places they live in. People seem to love living in cities. This is where jobs and opportunities are located. And various private and government services are much better and more accessible in these areas.


Despite the visible advantages of an urban area, it can be hard to ignore its unappealing qualities. Cities introduce several problems for ordinary citizens. These problems often degrade the quality of life of urban residents.

Getting Around These Cities

One of the most notorious problems that cities introduce is the daily transportation of their residents. Millions of people reside in these cities at any given time. Almost every person in cities needs to travel within their areas every day.

The population density of urban places often compromises the ability of people to travel from one place to another. Millions of people travel all at once. The commuting experience of residents is bound to get complicated. Of course, there are systems in place that attempt to ease the commuting experience of residents. Various modes of public transportation are available to the public. Trains, buses, ferries, and cabs are often used in large cities worldwide.

Some residents also acquire private vehicles for personal use. Private cars often grace city roads. This is for those who want convenience as they travel. Some also opt for motorcycles for city navigation. These people want to get to their destinations fast. Despite their speed, these motorcycles can be dangerous.

Motorcycles can inflict more physical harm when involved in a road accident. Many motorcycle users often find themselves in accidents. These accidents are more common in cities where traffic conditions are unpredictable. Of course, attorneys for motorcycle accidents are available for those involved in these accidents. With that, city dwellers should be careful when choosing this mode of transportation.

Despite the wide selection of transportation options in these cities, problems still arise. Residents face many issues that make their travel experiences horrible. Let us shed light on some of these issues.

Heavy Traffic 

One defining characteristic of an average urban area is the heavy traffic flow. This is most observable during the morning rush hour. Heavy traffic can be attributed to the large population of a city.

Too many people are traveling at a single moment. This situation congests roads as public and private vehicles struggle to reach their destinations. Heavy traffic wastes time for every person who is experiencing it.

Unreliable Transportation Systems 

Apart from the heavy traffic, it can also be expected for citizens to experience unreliable transportation. Most city dwellers use public transportation services to get where they need to be. These systems and their vehicles are not the most trusted way around the city.

These systems can easily be overwhelmed when too many people are using them. They cannot provide service to every person who needs it. Of course, these vehicles are also prone to damage because they are used daily.

Despite these unfavorable circumstances, the regular commuter is not entirely helpless. If the system cannot adjust for them, they have to solve the problem. Let us look at how the regular commuter can make their intracity travels easier.

Fighting Through the Problem 

Starting the Day Earlier Than Everyone Else 

This is probably what most city dwellers do to ease their travel. They start the day earlier than everyone else. Doing this helps them escape the horrors of rush hour.

They often do this by waking up early in the morning and leaving their homes earlier than most people can, which makes it easier for them to find public vehicles. Traffic is also seldom heavy early in the morning. They will get to their destinations faster when they wake up early.

Despite the effectiveness of this tactic, it can still be hard to do. Not everyone can wake up earlier than most. People are invested in their sleep. This can be exhausting to many people, especially those working late.

Finding an Ideal Residence 

Walking to work can also be an excellent option for residents in urban spaces. This can help them save money. Apart from that, walking is healthy for us. It is a perfect physical activity that helps us avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Walking to our destinations is only ideal for those who live near these destinations. People should choose their residence wisely. Choosing a good location can make it easier to access their usual goals.


This is one of the best transportation alternatives for city transportation. Urban roads are often crowded and full of activity. Bicycles can easily slip past a sea of vehicles. Like walking, they are also a great physical workout for our bodies.

Large cities often create lanes dedicated to bicycle users. Of course, city cyclists should always ensure they follow road regulations. They should always have safety gear when riding their bikes through busy city streets.

Traveling through city streets will always be complicated. Citizens need to be wary of many things to ensure a smooth commute. Of course, cities and governments should also find ways to ensure that the transportation systems in their localities serve everyone well. We should all work together to create friendly communities for everyone.

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