MFA’s ‘Gender-Bending Fashion’ Magnifies the Shortcomings of Representation in Fashion

by Marie Rodriguez

Fashion and gender are inextricably connected. What we wear informs our notions of gender, and historically, gender has additionally controlled what we will and cannot wear. “Gender Bending Fashion,” a brand new show off at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, surveys the beyond a century of high fashion and prepared-to-put on the style that has challenged and blurred the binary prescription of the dress. The show-off features modern designers and sartorial icons from Marlene.

MFA’s ‘Gender-Bending Fashion’ Magnifies the Shortcomings of Representation in Fashion 3

Dietrich to David Bowie inside the context of the historical trends that knowledgeable them, including the garçonne appearance of the Nineteen Twenties and the peacock revolution of the Sixties. As the first essential museum to cope with the intersection of style and gender, Vogue, the Boston Globe, and the Art Newspaper lauded the show-off as an exhibit of “Western popular culture’s first-rate moments of binary disruption. As someone who researches feminism and

style, I desperately desired to like this showcase. There have been elements of it that I did. The reality that it even exists is a success. Its capabilities several deserving moments in fashion: One centerpiece, for instance, changed into Christian Siriano’s acclaimed silk purple night fit for Janelle Monáe in 2018. The show-off led to some up-and-coming designers working closer to growing garb that “could be designed for, and worn by using, anybody.

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