7 Religious Burial Customs Around The World

by Marie Rodriguez

When a person dies, their body is often buried following the customs of their religion. Each religion has its burial customs, which can vary widely. Some religions emphasize simplicity and humility, while others involve more elaborate ceremonies.

Regardless of the specific customs involved, burial is a way to show respect for the dead and provide them with a final resting place. Here are seven religious burial customs from around the world:

Burial Custom

1. Islamic burial

Muslims bury their dead in a simple shroud, buried facing Mecca. Muslims are not allowed to embalm or bury their dead with metal objects. The body is washed and shrouded in a white cloth, and the burial occurs as soon as possible after death.

2. Jewish burial

Jews bury their dead in a simple shroud in a burial society plot. The burial occurs as soon as possible after death, and the body is not embalmed.

3. Buddhist burial

Buddhists believe in reincarnation, so they usually cremate their dead. However, some Buddhists choose to bury their dead and often bury the body in a simple shroud.

4. Catholic burial

Catholics bury their dead in a burial plot in a cemetery. They may choose to have a burial Mass or other ceremony, and the body is often embalmed. Catholic wakes and funerals can be quite elaborate.

5. Protestant burial

Protestants may bury their dead in a burial plot in a cemetery, or they may choose to cremate. They may have a funeral service before the burial or cremation.

6. Hindu burial

Hindus cremate their dead, and the ashes are usually scattered in a river. Hindus believe cremation helps the soul be released from the body and reborn.

7. Taoist burial

Taoists usually cremate their dead, but burial is also an option. Taoists believe the body is a temporary vessel for the soul, emphasizing simplicity in burial customs.

By understanding and respecting the burial customs of different religions, we can show our respect for those who have died and their families.

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