Why do millennials hate going to the Post Office?

by Marie Rodriguez

Have you ever ordered something online, hated it, but kept it to avoid visiting the Post Office? You’re now not on my own – specifically, if you’re a millennial (that’s anybody between the ages of 23 and 38 in 2019, FYI). Feeling unable to go to the Post Office is a uniquely millennial symptom. We semi-young human beings are blamed for killing snail mail, while our ‘Post Office anxiety evidences our collective burnout’.

Why do millennials hate going to the Post Office? 3


Millennials are even accused of no more comprehensive information, the very concept of stamps or the way to address an envelope, a smooth path to make our age organization look incompetent, as proof that we will do this stuff might be missing. At the same time, we can’t be afflicted. Of course, we realize how to write a letter, deal with an envelope, and where to place a stamp – or if we don’t, we will Google it. It’s no longer that we don’t understand how that stops us from the special errand of a Post Office journey, but that it appears like an impossible intention or a truely insufferable enjoyment.

For many of us, of all the easy tasks we have to complete, going to the Post Office is the one we’d like to avoid. Cat, 27, hasn’t been to the Post Office in months despite having some matters she needs to send off. ‘I have a pile of letters from my circle of relatives who live some distance away, and the motive I haven’t replied is because I, without a doubt, hate posting matters,’ she tells Metro.Co.Uk.

‘I’ve written responses before, then realized I don’t have any stamps and simply can’t muster the energy to go to the Post Office and purchase new ones. ‘I’ve got a load of overseas foreign money I may want to, in reality, do with replacing, too – sufficient to get me out of my overdraft. It’s been putting around in my drawer for over a year.

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