The tremendous try to undo the 2016 election has failed

by Marie Rodriguez

Well, I will miss the full-bore SWAT-group raids at sunrise towards growing older political factors like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. It changed into honestly very courteous of CNN to have been parked out of doors the homes of those unfortunate sufferers so that television audiences all across you. S. May want to all be edified via these exhibitions of the coercive arm of state electricity in movement. Mr. Mueller could just have had undoubtedly one of his 17

The tremendous try to undo the 2016 election has failed 3

Obama-and-Hillary was helping prosecutors ring up the cutting-edge mark and ask him to pop down to headquarters. But that would not have been as dramatic, as high priced, or as cruel. All right things come to an end, however, and the day passed, after 674 days, the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, G-Man extraordinaire, sooner or later got here to a stop while he filed his long-awaited report with the Attorney General, William Barr.

As for what’s within the record, I understand precisely as a great deal as you, Rachel Maddow, Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper, and their brethren within the Fourth Estate; this is not anything at all. Nor is it in any respect sure that we will ever understand all those tons within the document. Since the law prohibits the dissemination of potentially detrimental statistics approximately folks who have been investigated but are no longer charged with a criminal offense, there are bound to be significant sections of the file on the way to remain all the time underneath lock and key, specifically now that James Comey and Andrew McCabe aren’t in the FBI to leak them.

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