Dunzo has figured out a way to make city India lazy

by Marie Rodriguez

Hyperlocal concierge app Dunzo works on one principle – getting your venture achieved in the fastest possible time. What started as a hyperlocal personal task control platform in Bengaluru on WhatsApp is now a full-fledged automated app-based total provider in three different cities – Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Pune – and shortly to begin in Chennai as well. A couple of years lower back, Dunzo changed into wearing out all kinds of duties across Bengaluru. And keeping it all jogging smoothly became a small team of folks who assigned tasks, ensured they were completed, after which re-assigned to the next set of orders. The personal attention made sure that client pride and belief in Dunzo stayed high.

Dunzo has figured out a way to make city India lazy 3

The hyperlocal challenge-management startup shot to fame nationally while it has become the primary corporation in India that Google invested in, placing up to $12.Three million. But how do you scale operations like that to more than one city and past, make sure that matters run smoother than ever, and make money?

Doing it focused on you.

If you haven’t used Dunzo, here’s the way it works – you download the app and might request an errand. Forgot something at home and need it at the workplace? Ask for a pickup-and-drop. Need your dry-cleaning fetched for an important meeting the following morning? Just hand over the receipt and have them deliver it to wherever you are in the town. Have a report to be photocopied and paid for by your bank supervisor? Done will do it for you.

It also has partnerships with restaurants, grocery shops, pharmacies, pet delivery shops, meat stores, etc. You may store it immediately from within the Dunzo app and have them supply it to you anywhere inside the city.

In phrases of food shipping, their gain lies in turning in from eating places from everywhere in the town, while full meals transport startups deliver most straightforward around a positive radius.

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