Afghanistan’s Post Office Begins Online Services

by Marie Rodriguez

The united states of america’s postal offerings were “partially digitalized” because the offices of the Afghan Post, the countrywide postal employer in Afghanistan, have been linked to the fiber optic network via a one-12 months assignment, the Communication and Information Technology Minister Shahzad Aryubi stated at a rite on Thursday.

He said this section of the challenge has cost $900,000 and that other stages will also be implemented through which the provincial workplaces may be linked to the fiber optic network.

“After this, humans can tune their posts online. They might be given a number of thru which they can comply with their parcels,” Aryubi said.

The Afghan Post Chairman Ahmad Wahid Wais said the new improvement allows the humans to be benefited from many online offerings by way of his office, consisting of tracking their deliveries.

“The principal put up the workplace of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and maximum of its put up workplaces in Kabul have been linked to the fiber optic community and were upgraded based on postal norms,” he stated.

Before this, the postboxes used to have bodily locks and keys, however now they provide every consumer a unique card and range through which they can have access to the containers they are owned and additionally, they will be informed approximately the popularity of their posts thru telephonic messages or e-mail, officials defined.

“Previously, put up bins had been analog and they had been locked and unlocked with a key. The clients were given a key and an everyday card and the sports have been not fashionable,” said Mohammad Haroon, head of put up Boxes Distribution Department.

The bills of the postal offerings could be carried out through banks, later on, he introduced.

“The customers now can switch the fees of offerings to the Afghan Post’s financial institution account after which email us the deposit receipt. Then we are able to provide a special card to clients and they’ll be entitled a postbox,” stated Ahmadullah Hamid, General Manager of Post Box Network Department.

The 2d phase of development and modernization of the Afghan Post services will expand a software for Afghan Post that may be set up in smartphones and clients will display and tune their posts from anywhere and also they’ll provide money transfer offerings, officers said.

Afghan Post offers popular postal offerings with over one century of history for the duration of us of a. It affords postal collection and delivery services both locally and universally thru 463 submit workplaces.

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