Taiwanese dessert cafe involves East Lansing

by Marie Rodriguez

A popular Asian dessert and tea chain with over 650 places across the world has made its Michigan debut in East Lansing.

Meet Fresh was founded in Taichung, Taiwan, in 2007. It serves grass jelly, taro balls and traditional tofu pudding alongside mochi and shaved ice.

Allen Zhu, vice chairman of Meet Fresh East Lansing, stated it become time to convey true t serves grass jelly, taro balls and traditional tofu pudding alongside mochi and shaved ice.
Asian cakes to Lansing.

“Everyone preferred this restaurant developing up. We got here up with the idea to open up inside the Lansing region because it is a developing market with global students and a diverse network,” Zhu stated.

While running the enterprise, Zhu is pursuing a finance diploma just 10 mins away at Michigan State University.

For inexperienced persons to Taiwanese desserts, there may be a pinnacle-5 section on the menu to strive. To get the essence of the dessert saves, Zhu recommends the “Icy Taro #4” bowl.

The dessert has shaved ice drizzled with sweetened milk in conjunction with candy potato taro balls, grass jelly, and sweet purple beans.

Grass jelly is made by means of boiling the leaves of the platostoma palustre plant, a member of the mint family, with potassium carbonate and then cooling the mixture until it reaches an elastic consistency.

Meet Fresh also gives bubble tea with apparently limitless picks of boba and tea flavors. The owner shows an awesome creation to the treat is the wintermelon milk tea with taro balls.

“For those who’ve in no way tried something like this earlier than, we need to ensure we go away an excellent first impact. Taiwanese real desserts are very specific and tasty.”

Zhu was running with the construction group for six months to open up the gap. It is a clean, bright surrounding with decorative light furniture, lanterns and open bar.

“We also are very an awful lot partial to the open bar idea, where humans can see what you’re doing and might inform it’s far all sparkling,” Zhu stated.

When designing the interior, Zhu desired to channel the essence of a coffee store instead of a dessert save

“We need people to accumulate on this place — to work and spend time with their buddies. We attempted to make this a totally relaxed location with the lanterns and environment.”

For the summertime, Meet Fresh plans to adjust its shaved ice picks by including more fruit alternatives which include strawberry and mango.

Until April 7, Meet Fresh is having a buy one; get one for a dollar deal for bubble tea to rejoice its grand beginning.

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