Frozen dessert inside the wasteland proves to be Absolutely Arizona

by Marie Rodriguez

A dating that began as second graders at the playground, has blossomed into one of the maximum a hit Tucson enterprise startups.

Tucsonans Jeff Kaiserman and Stephen Ochoa began Frost in 2005, years after graduating from the University of Arizona.

“We had a variety of exclusive thoughts,” stated Kaiserman. “Finally my father recommended we do a gelato save.”

“We each had been to Italy,” Said Ochoa. “We each have a gelato revel in and fell in love with the product.”

They also sales space found out with Tucson’s climate, a frozen deal with might be an ideal in shape.

“Being capable of creating our very own niche,” recalled Kaiserman.” “You recognize anyone loves ice cream. All we had to do virtually is teach the customer and we felt at the worse case we’d do very well.”

They have carried out better than o.K. For a dozen years running, Frost has been named Best of Tucson.

That is stunning thinking about Frost has handiest been open for just over 13 years.

At the start, the excellent friends and enterprise companions introduced in a ringer, Master Gelato Chef Nazario Melchionda from Bologna, Italy.

Melchionda becomes initially introduced in for four days to help them launch. That turned into two weeks, then three months. He continues to be with Frost in Tucson to these days.

“Turned into a lifetime,” said Kaiserman. “Essentially for him and us.”

You will still locate Nazario making the gelato on the 3 Tucson area locations.

He is the only liable for the delicious taste. Gelato has a way less cream than ice cream, making it greater flavorful.

“As Nazario says you can have lasagna out of the microwave or you could have it self-made like his mother,” said Ochoa. “The way we do it at Frost is definitely the actual real way.”

Frost imports all the raw ingredients without delay from Italy. They do a pasteurization procedure in the antique fashion manner.

“Then we make everything on-website at every area, in man or woman batch shape,” in step with Ochoa.

“In Italy, we used to say which you devour first with your eye,” stated Master Gelato Chef Melinda.

That is why for Melchionda feels that presentation is so important.

The colorings and flavors can be visible inside the display case, earlier than you even flavor the gelato.

The achievement of Frost’s 3 Tucson places has allowed for a steady increase. They have a couple of locations in Phoenix, with a 3rd planned for Scottsdale.

This summertime a 3rd California Frost will open.

With franchise possibilities, Frost is also in Albuquerque, Austin, and Dallas. A location will open quickly in Richmond, Virginia.

Then there are the more than one franchise locations within the center east. Yes, a Kuwaiti businessman befell to peer the Frost region at La Encantada and desired to convey it to the center east.

“It was a no brainer for us,” stated Kaiserman.

Success also earned Stephen and Jeff the first actual “Emergent Entrepreneurs Award” from the UAs Eller College.

But you may nevertheless locate them nearly every day at one of the frost places. And yes, they still enjoy eating gelato. Stephen’s favorite is pineapple and Jeff’s is coconut.

“Overall our most famous flavor is sea salt caramel and chocolate,” stated Ochoa. “Typically our two pinnacle flavors.”

Also quickly turning into a favorite taste is the award prevailing Nazario advent known as Bagigi Peanut. It was these days named one of the fine gelatos within the USA.

Frost keeps developing throughout the country and around the arena. It proves that two 2d graders from Tucson can sooner or later build a gelato empire.

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