Nanaimo bar among candy messages on new stamps from Canada Post

by Marie Rodriguez

It’s been quite a few weeks for the Nanaimo bar.

First, the famed 3-layer dessert got its very own spread, so to speak, in The New York Times.

Now, it’s getting its own stamp of approval.

Canada Post plans to launch stamps of the Nanaimo bar and 4 different Canadian cakes from across u . S. Next week.

The Sweet Canada stamp issue functions butter tarts from Ontario, sugar pie from Quebec, a blueberry grunt from the East Coast, Saskatoon berry pie from the Prairies as well as Nanaimo bars.

“Rich and chocolatey Nanaimo bars have been related to their namesake Vancouver Island metropolis for the reason that no-bake recipe first seemed there inside the Fifties,” Canada Post announced on its website.

The difficulty date for the stamps is set for April 17.

Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog savored the information whilst informed Thursday of the brand new stamp.

“I couldn’t be prouder than to have the dessert diagnosed as one in all Nanaimo’s many contributions to the arena,” he said.

The former MLA for Nanaimo credited the bar’s surge in a reputation of late to its unparalleled flavor.

“It’s famous as it’s virtually properly,” he stated, noting that Nanaimo bars have been on the menu while then-U.S. President Barack Obama and his spouse, Michelle, hosted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his spouse, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, for a state dinner in 2016.

“It is a signature dessert for this USA, up there with the famous butter tart and the alternative cakes,” Krog said. “I continually say to everybody, whenever I’m at an event if there’s Nanaimo bar: ‘Be patriotic. Eat a few Nanaimo bar.’ ”

The City of Nanaimo’s internet site describes the bar’s records as “elusive” and “shrouded in the thriller.”

“Of route, we know that Nanaimo bars originated in Nanaimo, or they would be called New York bars or New Brunswick bars,” the site says.

As for the satisfactory manner to make one, Krog holds to the consequences of a 1986 opposition to locate the last Nanaimo bar recipe. The contest, spearheaded with the aid of then-mayor Graeme Roberts, changed into received by using Joyce Hardcastle.

“That is THE recipe,” Krog said. “And that’s the recipe you need to make.”

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