Foul Ball: More Kids Having ‘Tommy John’ Surgery

by Marie Rodriguez

April 12, 2019 — It’s a sunny spring afternoon in the Atlanta suburbs. The ring of the bat, the smack of a ball in a glove, and the cheers of the mother and father mean baseball is back. It’s the lowest of the primary inning, and instruct Tracy Bracken’s Braves — a batch of 9-year-antique Little Leaguers — are on the sphere. At the end of the dugout, the assistant teaches Dane Lorio to log every throw from the group’s young pitcher, tapping a button on an iPhone app called Pitch X.

Foul Ball: More Kids Having 'Tommy John' Surgery 3

Lorio says the players recognize he’s counting pitches, but they all may not hold close to why it’s being finished.

Baseball is possibly the maximum statistic-in-depth of fundamental sport. Fans in the reasonably-priced seats and front-workplace executives in the critical leagues alike obsess over batting averages, earned-run averages, and on-base chances. But the numbers Lorio maintains can be as crucial to a Little Leaguer’s future as strikeouts or pace. The pitch remembers it is now a problem to strict guidelines meant to keep developing hands from desiring fundamental surgery down the street.


The variety of younger players having “Tommy John” surgical operation, which replaces or upkeep the tissue that ties together the elbow bones, started skyrocketing for a long time. Sports medication specialists have known an epidemic pushed using the enlargement of teen sports activities leagues, the rise in the number of kids specializing in one sport and playing it yr-spherical, competitive pressure, and myths about the system.

While the boom in surgical procedures seems to have slowed nationally in the past decade, they have not yet gone down, says Steve Jordan, MD, an orthopedic general practitioner at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Florida. In baseball, we’ve seen elbow injuries nevertheless pass up, even though the shoulder and different problems started to turn around 2010 to 2015,” says Jordan, who tracks coverage statistics at the method.

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