How can you prevent your children from viewing dangerous internet content?

by Marie Rodriguez

As concerns grow approximately the impact of dangerous social media content material on our kids, we look at what equipment is available for mother and father to regulate what children see and how long they spend online. The war to prise them far from an existence spent online is an acquainted one for plenty beleaguered mother and father. Our youngsters spend hours on Instagram chasing “likes” – and often arising in opposition to cyber-bullying – or gambling video games, obsessing approximately YouTube influencers or surfing between unique “friendship companies” on WhatsApp.

So how can we keep them secure from harmful content?

How can you prevent your children from viewing dangerous internet content? 3

Content filtering software has been around for many years. However, mother and father have regularly been too tech-shy to paintings it properly. And it regularly required kids handy over their passwords – a capacity cause of own family rows.

But now a brand new era of digital parental controls has arrived available on the market, promising to help parents take lower back control extra without difficulty.

The UK plans social media and net watchdog.

For instance, a circle with Disney, Koala Safe, and Ikydz are systems claiming that they will control every virtual device in your own home with a few taps on a cellphone app.

The new merchandise paintings by using connecting in your existing household wireless router. In the case of Circle, you plug inside the white cube – stimulated by way of the Apple school of design – and it without delay lists every related telephone, laptop, tablet, and so on in your property and offers a ramification of methods to govern them.

It may be difficult to training session who owns which tool. Initially, I block my husband’s phone by way of mistake – to howls of concern. But as soon as I identify each tool’s MAC address – a fixed of numbers and letters specific to each product – it is highly easy to assign every system to a selected user.

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