“You Disgust Me.” Words that modified my enterprise – and my life – all the time.

by Marie Rodriguez

I’m disgusted employing you. You stole all of my ideas, copied my brand, and have the identical enterprise with NO QUALIFICATIONS!”

Those, a number of the remaining words I recall my beautiful friend of twenty years sending to me over text in our last conversation. She blogged about it days later.

Honestly, at that factor, I changed into so tired (life turned into a piece of a shit-sandwich at the time), the words didn’t even sear the manner they had been meant to. That didn’t happen till months later after I re-examined the change.

Weeks earlier than this falling out, I had excitedly despatched her my new emblem – the first sign my new business plans had been authentic. I became doing it! YAY ME!!.

“You Disgust Me.” Words that modified my enterprise – and my life – all the time. 3

I had seen her just months earlier than over brunch. I was in her town for a convention, and I had a lot to tell her.

I told her I was going through some pretty significant shifts….Old friendships have been ending, I changed into elbow-deep in gaining knowledge of approximately something called “the law of attraction,” AND I had just been requested to put in writing a chapter for an anthology with the aid of an already published editor. Woot!

We talked for hours, and I told her I wanted to begin my business…should she inform me how she commenced hers? What’s concerned? How did you do your brand? – It’s so first-class! Your website? How do you locate clients? There were so many questions from a completely green-to-business me. I knew NOTHING, and I desired to discover the logistics from a person I cherished and depended on.

She was in enterprise for about a yr herself doing communications and video production. She becomes happy for me. Enthusiastic about sharing what she knew.

Then, best months later, I despatched her my emblem. I had designed it from a reasonably-priced do-it-yourself logo template tool I had located online (because all of us begin somewhere, proper?).

When I did pay attention lower back from her, she commenced via texting me she became dissatisfied I “copied her logo.” I was absolutely at a loss for words…they had been not anything alike.

She went directly to annihilate me for copying her enterprise and being a total fraud because she had qualifications and consistent with her. I did now not.

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