“You Disgust Me.” Words that changed my business – and my life – forever

by Marie Rodriguez

I’m disgusted by you. You stole all my ideas, copied my logo, and have the same business with NO QUALIFICATIONS!”

Those are the last words I remember my best friend of 20 years sending me over text in our previous conversation. She blogged about it days later.

Honestly, at that point, I was so tired (life was a bit of a shit sandwich at the time) the words didn’t even search how they were intended to. That didn’t happen until months later when I re-read the exchange.

“You Disgust Me.” Words that changed my business – and my life – forever 3

Weeks before this falling out, I had excitedly sent her my new logo – the first sign my new business plans were legit. I was

I am Doing it! YAY ME!!

I had seen her just two months before over brunch. I was in her city for a conference and had so much to tell her.

I told her I was going through some pretty massive shifts….old friendships were ending; I was elbow-deep in learning about something called “the law of attraction,” AND I had just been asked to write a chapter for an anthology by an already published editor. Woot!

We talked for hours, and I told her I wanted to start my own business…could she tell me how she began hers? What’s involved? How did you do your logo? It’s so lovely! Your website? How do you find clients? There were so many questions from a very green-to-business me. I knew NOTHING, and I wanted to find out the logistics from someone I loved and trusted.

She had been in business for about a year doing communications and video production. She was happy for me. Enthusiastic about sharing what she knew.

Then, only two months later, I sent her my logo. I had designed it from a cheap do-it-yourself logo template tool I had found online (because we all start somewhere, right?).

When I did hear back from her, she began by texting me. She was upset I “copied her logo”. I was perplexed…they were nothing alike.

She annihilated me for copying her business and being a total fraud because she had qualifications, and according to her, I did not.

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