These senators strolling for president made $7.1 million writing books.

by Marie Rodriguez

A wealth of Candidates: A dive into CQ Roll Call’s Wealth of Congress data to illustrate the finances of a number of the Democrats jogging for president.

Writing an ebook is the right way for politicians to get their message out to the electorate and promote their biographies, mean values, and systems.

It can also be moneymaking. Six Democratic senators going for walks for president earned upward of $7.1 million from 2014 to 2018, a evaluate of financial disclosures filed with the Senate Ethics Committee and the Office of Government Ethics located. Three of them made more from their books than their $174,000 Senate pay over the five years.

Here’s a study of how a lot each made, and what they wrote.

Elizabeth Warren — $2,818,845
Most of Warren’s income comes from her 2014 memoir, “A Fighting Chance,” and from a comply with-up book, “This Fight Is Our Fight,” released in 2017. She’s earned $2.Sixty-seven million from both books, with the bulk of the money from a hefty $1.15 million enhance for “A Fighting Chance” the year it changed into posted. Her maximum latest fee changed into $300,000 for “A Fighting Chance” in 2018.

The Massachusetts senator is a former law professor and enjoys a stable payout from a collection of books from her felony scholarship. Warren has obtained annual payments considering that 2014 totaling $147,ooo for six books: “Chapter 11: Reorganizing American Businesses,” “Commercial Law Studies,” “Bankruptcy and Article 9,” “The Law of Debtors and Creditors,” “Secured Credit: A Systems Approach” and “Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach.”

Warren also co-authored “The Two-Income Trap” in 2003 with daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi, an ebook detailing the struggles of working households hit with flat wages and rising fees. She earned a touch more than $500 for the ebook in 2014 and has acquired no profits for it given that.

Sanders’ 2016 campaign book, “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” has earned just shy of $2 million because of publishing.

Less fruitful changed into an ebook detailing his route to the House as an impartial, 1997’s “Outsider within the House.” He acquired no royalties prior to 2016 but has earned almost $14,000 for the reason that e-book changed into rebranded as “Outsider within the White House” for Sanders’ first presidential bid.

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