by Marie Rodriguez

Most of these biggest high tech companies started with a small business idea and some even failed at some point.
If you are interested in starting a high tech business, we have outlined 20 high tech business ideas for you in this article.

The invention of technology has made it easier for everyone to set up a small tech business with very little investment and a few skills.

If you have a dream, make it a reality. “The tech world has tons of opportunities that you just need to decide which way to go to accomplish your dream” states Josephine Andrews, a tech consultant at Best Essays.

If you have been yearning to get started but you have no good ideas, this article is for you.

…And without much ado, let’s explore the twenty high tech business ideas.

Start Blogging
Chances are that you have subjects or topic you are an expert in. Well, you don’t have to write about something you learned in school. You could get creative to explore and write about some topics you are interested in. For instance, you could blog about global warming or anything related to tech.

The good thing about blogging is that it’s something you can learn and get started with a few skills. Just ensure to share your views providing evidence and you are sure to attract the audience.

Become an eBay Consultant
Earn big money by becoming an eBay consultant. You just need to have ample knowledge about how to use eBay effectively. eBay is an eCommerce platform where people can sell goods or services. The good thing about this business is that you can use tools like CRM software and lead management system to manage it resourcefully.

Start as a Web Content Analyst
You can also start a small business as a web content analyst. Businesses and companies such as My Assignment Help and many others out there are looking for web content analysts to manage their websites. You can fill this position so long as you have the skills required and you can communicate properly in English.
Start as a Social Media Specialist
The invention of social media has made it easy for internet users all over the world to interact with each other via different social media platforms. Businesses are using social media as a tool to reach their audience and promote their products or services.

Start a Small Business of Installing Fiber Cables
Another lucrative high tech small business to venture into is computer repair and maintenance.

These days, almost every company or organization uses computers. These computers are prone to failure at some point in their usage. You could earn big money by starting a small computer repair and maintenance shop and start repairing computers for organizations and companies.

In a bid to ensure smooth flow of information, companies and organization rely on the internet. You could start a business of installing fibre cables in these companies. The good thing about this business is that you can partner with telecommunication businesses and start up your small business.

Start Computer Training Services
If you sleep with your computers in one bed, this is the best business to start. You can then use your computer knowledge to train others on how to use computers and earn big money from that. People, especially those in rural areas love to learn new technologies. You could become their saviour.

Start a Tech Show on Radio
People in businesses want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in technology. You could start a tech show on radio and educate them on what’s new in the tech world.

Well, this is not a get-rich-quick venture but when you build an audience, you will surely earn big with it.

Start as an Antivirus Developer
If you have software development skills, you can earn big money by developing specialized antivirus programs for small businesses. As company information becomes vulnerable to viruses, companies are looking for security measures to safeguard their data and that of customers. You can make powerful antiviruses and earn some good cash.
Teach Online
Technology has brought a lot of benefits to people but it has also made students “lazy”. These days most students don’t want to leave the house to go to school to learn something. Apart from offering assignment writing service to these students, you can also teach them online on topics and subjects you are an expert in.

Smartphone Repair
A study has shown that smartphone usage has reached 2.7 billion users worldwide. In fact, the number is expected to reach 2.87 billion users in 2020. With this huge number of users, smartphones are prone to failures and will need repair services. You can start a business of repairing smartphones.

Sale Refurbished Devices
Small businesses with little investment capital cannot afford to buy new computers and other electronic devices. These businesses rely on refurbished devices. You can start a small business of selling these devices and earn good money.

Web Design Service
Are you good in coding? Do you have design skills? Can you design and develop websites? Companies and businesses are looking for you.

Start an Internet Café
While most people own smartphones and can access the internet on their phones, some, for instance, freelancers want a comfortable and silent place to browse the internet. You can start an internet café and start offering internet access and other tech services.

Start Writing eBooks
People are looking for informational content in the health, tech, and business fields. You can start writing eBooks on these fields and sale them on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and others.

Start a Tech Gadget Rental Business
If you can buy tech gadgets like projectors or digital cameras that people can rent for special occasions you could start a business and start renting these gadgets.

Become an SEO Consultant
You can help companies and organizations to have their websites reach their audiences by offering SEO services that help to boost rankings of their websites on the top pages of search results.

Start as a Digital Marketing Specialist
Internet marketing has become one of the most powerful methods for most businesses. You can start as a digital marketing specialist to help businesses with advertising or content marketing ideas.

Create Podcasts
You can write podcasts on almost anything from the tech industry to health and earn big money from your podcasts. You just need some good recording equipment and skills in that particular field and you are good to go.

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