The modern style trend: Streetwear

by Marie Rodriguez

When Carine Roitfeld, former editor of Vogue Paris, released her new perfume, she made a scene via signing T-shirts designed by way of Kanye West – this from a female who turned into recognized for hating sweatpants a lot that she would not permit her children to put on them to high school.

The modern style trend: Streetwear 3

New Yorker creator Kelefa Sanneh requested Roitfeld, “You once said the trouble with the way American women dress is that they appearance a chunk too comfortable. And now you’re selling published T-shirts. What’s happened?

Never say by no means because designers all around the globe are scrambling to maintain up with teens right here. There has been a global rise in American-fashion streetwear. “Fashion is interesting for young people. This is the look of the younger people,” Roitfeld said. “So, streetwear is for younger human beings.

Streetwear is a fashion popularized via hip hop, skateboarding, and social media. It tends to be informal … very informal. Baggy T-shirts and hoodies, and lots of ambitious pix and symbols. It represents the streets,” stated streetwear designer Heron Preston. “It means having amusing. It represents selected electricity in track and fashion: remixing phrases, remixing tradition, remixing brands, and coming up with our language.

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