TCDD Transportation Inc

by Marie Rodriguez



Purpose, Scope, Basis, and Definitions


ARTICLE 1 – (1) The motive of this Regulation is to make sure that TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The General Directorate is to modify the agency, obligations, powers and obligations and working concepts and strategies of the Board of Inspection.


ARTICLE 2 – (1) This Regulation has been organized with the aid of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The duties of the Head of Inspection Board, Chief Inspector, Chief Inspectors, Inspectors, Inspectors and Inspectors, Inspectors of the Board of Inspectors, Inspectors and Auditors This fashionable covers the operating approaches and concepts of the chief inspector, inspector and assistant inspectors.


ARTICLE three – (1) of this Regulation, eight / 6 / 1984 dated 233 No. The decree, 22 / 1 / 1990 dated 399 with Decree 24 No. Law / 4 / 2013 dated 6461 Turkey No. Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport organized in keeping with the provisions.


ARTICLE four – (1) In this Regulation;

a) Chairman: TCDD Transportation Inc. Head of the Board of Inspectors,

b) Presidency: TCDD Transportation Inc. General Directorate of Inspection Board,

c) Bureau: Office of the Inspection Board,

ç) Office staff: Chief and officers inside the workplace,

d) General Manager: TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager,

e) Head workplace: TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Directorate,

f) KPSS: Public Personnel Selection Examination,

g) Inspector: Chief Inspector, Inspector, Inspector and assistant inspectors,

j) Inspector: Inspectors appointed to help the Board of Inspectors,

h) Company: TCDD Transportation Corporation,

i) Branch Manager: The Branch Manager of the Board of Inspectors,

i) The Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD Transportation Inc .: General Directorate of Transport Joint Stock Company,

j) Inspection Board: TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Directorate of Inspection Board,



Organization, Duties, and Powers

Establishment of the Board of Inspectors

ARTICLE 5 – (1) Board of Inspectors; The President is composed of chief inspectors, inspectors, assistant inspectors, branch supervisor and workplace team of workers.

Organization and commitment

ARTICLE 6 – (1) The Board of Inspectors is without delay affiliated to the General Manager. The President shall carry out his responsibilities, whilst inspectors shall carry out inspections, investigations, and investigations on behalf of the General Manager.

(2) All capabilities of the Board of Inspectors in writing, bills, documents, libraries, and comparable affairs and within the computing surroundings shall be executed through the Branch Directorate underneath the Chairmanship of the Inspection Board.

Mission Center

ARTICLE 7 – (1) The headquarters of the Board of Inspectors is Ankara. This middle is likewise the duty middle of the inspectors.

(2) The Inspection Board may set up responsibility centers within the regions requiring the presence of inspectors if you want to make sure non-stop inspection and supervision by means of acquiring the approval of the General Manager.

Duties of the Board of Inspectors

ARTICLE eight – (1) The duties of the Inspection Board are as follows:

a) To decide the standards of implementation at the General Directorate in keeping with the general principles adopted for the powerful behavior of inspection, to increase techniques and techniques for inspections, investigations and investigations to be executed by using the inspectors, to make certain the establishment of standards and ideas, to prepare audit manuals, to growth the effectiveness and efficiency of inspections. To develop a system of inspections, to offer reviews and recommendations on this trouble and to encourage the green work of the body of workers.

B) To carry out all sorts of inspections, investigations, and investigations in the imperative and provincial gadgets of the General Directorate.

C) To make proposals approximately the manner of implementation of the law on the responsibilities of the Directorate General and the deficiencies and deficiencies identified.

D) To make contributions to the greater powerful attention of the activities done by way of the General Directorate according with the objectives and objectives, to produce solutions to the troubles encountered inside the utility, to assess the effectiveness of the Head Office regulations, to offer opportunity hints by using making analyzes at the utility strategies and results, to make sure that new guidelines are understood by using the Head Office units In order to do studies.

Appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Inspectors

ARTICLE nine – (1) The Board of Inspectors will be appointed from among inspectors who’ve at the least one five inspectorate service inside the Board of Inspectors, which include the Assistant Inspector.

Duties, Authorities, and Responsibilities of the Chairman of the Board of Inspectors

ARTICLE 10 – (1) The chairman has the authority and authority of the inspector and performs the following responsibilities:

a) To carry out the obligations specified in article 8 on behalf of the General Manager with the order and approval of the General Manager.

B) To control the Inspection Board and to oversee and supervise the work of the Inspector and Branch Office personnel.

C) Inspecting, investigating and engaging in investigations as vital.

ç) Preparing the Annual Inspection Program and submitting it to the approval of the General Manager and ensuring the implementation of the program.

D) To observe the reports from the inspectors, to make sure the elimination of any deficiencies, to assess the inspection, inspection and investigation reports, to provide the Presidency opinion to the approval of the General Manager and to ship the permitted reviews to the applicable gadgets of the General Directorate, to follow the measures to be taken and the outcomes of the actions to be taken and make recommendations.

E) To encourage inspectors to carry out medical research associated with their profession, to allow inspectors to do studies and research in Turkey and overseas, to boom the understanding of vocational, popular culture and foreign languages, to prepare in-carrier training, courses, seminars and conferences, to look at an audit to participate in countrywide and worldwide certificates packages related to their services.

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