Slack is now less difficult to use with Microsoft’s Office 365 apps

by Marie Rodriguez

Slack is integrating Microsoft’s Office 365 offerings nowadays. While apps like OneDrive and Azure Active Directory have previously been available on Slack, the messaging carrier will now have far more deep integration with Office apps and documents, such as a new Outlook calendar and mail app, and up to date OneDrive app, and the capacity to preview Office files immediately in Slack. The new Outlook calendar app for Slack is designed to carry all of your conferences and calendar invites into the messaging carrier.

Slack is now less difficult to use with Microsoft’s Office 365 apps 3

It will message you while a meeting invite arrives, permitting you to reply with a single click. It may also include reminders to enroll in Skype, Webex, or Zoom conferences. The Outlook calendar app may even set your Slack fame robotically primarily based on your calendar, and it will upload “out of the workplace” to standing if you’ve enabled it in Outlook.

Slack is likewise included Outlook mail integration, with the potential to carry emails immediately into Slack channels. Previously, you wished for a third-birthday celebration technique to enable this. You’ll be capable of forwarding emails from Outlook immediately into a Slack channel or direct message alongside adding a notice or even including mail attachments. Similar email functionality already exists for Gmail, and the Outlook upload-in might be available these days.

Slack’s OneDrive app is also getting up-to-date to quickly permit customers to import documents from Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Much just like the existing Dropbox and Google Drive integration, OneDrive users could be able to click the + icon to browse documents and upload them into a channel or direct message.

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