Massage Envy Mall 205 Review

by Marie Rodriguez

Working is hard. All that time spent in front of a desktop, spine hunched over, getting the data keyed in right, the number of times you had to forgo the elevator because it took too long and ran up the stairs, the morning you woke up with a neck crick ‘cause you slept wrong the previous night, the nine to five routine dragging your body along with your soul, working is hard.

Not to mention, all the times you convinced yourself that a late night out is the perfect solution to all your worries, and stumbling home way too late and in a much worse shape than what you had been earlier, yeah, that is not fun, either.

But you know what the fun part of adulting and working is? That you earn. And you get to pamper yourself for all the things you’ve been put through.

And the best way to gain that sublime stage of nirvana is a blessed massage that makes you question the kind of magic that your masseuse seems to be seeping into your very flesh and bones.

And if you are looking for such a place where they work their wizarding charms, get those pesky knots out of your shoulder and the unshakable crick from your neck, and the low, pulsing ache from the base of your spine, we’ve got just the place for you.


Massage Envy Mall 205 Review

Do you need to choose the ideal location for individualized, cost-effective, and practical massages, stretches, and facials? Look no farther than the franchised Massage Envy in Mall 205. Professional massage therapists and estheticians with a passion for making you feel and look your best provide these services. Our goal at the franchised Massage Envy in Mall 205 is to assist you in taking care of yourself.

Massage therapy can assist your muscles to relax to relieve everyday tension, increase overall energy, or improve your view on life. Stretching on a regular basis might aid with performance and mobility. Professional skin care improves the appearance of your skin and exposes it to healthy nutrients, making you look and feel more rejuvenated.


It was founded in 2001. Scottsdale, Arizona, became the first location of Massage Envy in 2001. Since that time, Massage Envy has grown to include over 1100 franchisees around the US, with the goal of offering specialized therapeutic massages, facial services, and stretching at convenient times and at reasonable prices with therapists trained in a variety of modalities. Enhanced muscle, hot stone, aromatherapy, and foot scrub are further treatments. Microderm abrasion combined with chemical infusion and chemical peel are examples of customized facial treatments. There are skin care items from Murad and PCA.

Yelp Reviews

One of the Yelp reviews of this place reads, “I have to say I normally don’t write reviews but I felt the need. I have had a few wonderful experiences here. But I had a kink in my neck and came in, this amazing front desk girl Stephanie helped me she assured me that my therapist would be able to help get that kink out and oh boy did he! My neck has never felt better. She also explained the membership so well even when I asked her to repeat the same things a few times she never got frustrated and just repeated it with a smile. Fast forward a few months and she is still very helpful and they have a new girl Embray who is also amazing is always super attentive and finds the dates I need and the perfect timing for me. I just want to say 205 front desk is the BEST. Not only that but amazing therapist as well. If you have not tried massage give massage envy mall 205 a shot.”

Another review has a slightly less positive tone. “This is not my regular massage envy location, but I’d say that generally speaking, this ME is so hit or miss.

Besides the location not being greatly located (the blankets/sheets feel quite old), it also has paper-thin walls, making relaxation quite difficult. The therapists I’ve had are either horrible or amazing. In my first massage here I was bruised on my neck from the therapist going too deep even after asking for the pressure to be released…. but when I came back to try another therapist (giving the location a second chance), I had better success. Of course, it’s always best to stick with one consistent therapist once you find one, but that experience was a bit alarming.

I also have found the front desk staff to be either average in customer service, to at the worst, unwelcoming. Maybe that’s just me, but I haven’t felt terribly welcome when arriving or leaving.

I will end this by saying Jill is amazing, and the next time I’m in Portland for work, I will be booking with her in a heartbeat! She is a keeper, really a magician with shoulder tension.”

However, the place is mostly touted as price-friendly and gets the job done more than satisfactorily.

Located at: 205 Place

Address: 9732 SE Washington St B, Portland, OR 97216, United States

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