Quartetto Gelato Skips Dinner And Goes Straight To Dessert

by Marie Rodriguez

A classical music concert is frequently like a meal – appetizer, primary path, facet dishes, and, if you’re fortunate, some delicious dessert on the quit. But at live shows of the eclectic classical chamber ensemble Quartetto Gelato, you get to pass the meal and pass instantly to dessert.

Quartetto Gelato Skips Dinner And Goes Straight To Dessert 3

Quartetto Gelato oboist, acrobat, and Celtic fiddler Colin Maier credit the quartet’s founder, violinist and tenor Peter De Sotto, with placing the organization in this calorie-pleasant path.

“You watch a live performance, and then you definitely wait to the very cease when the encore comes directly to pay attention to the amusing stuff, like the desert,” Maier stated in a recent telephone interview. “Peter stated, ‘Why can’t all of it be amusing, dessert-type track?’”

Hence, Quartetto Gelato’s call, honoring the tutti frutti of the track world, shamelessly indulging their cravings (and, if we’re honest approximately it, our cravings, too) for fizzed-up fun in repertoire as varied as gypsy songs and Celtic folks tunes, opera arias and clean arrangements of French cabaret numbers.

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