NZTA moves to revoke Stan Semenoff Logging’s Transport Service Licence

by Marie Rodriguez

The NZ Transport Agency has moved to revoke Stan Semenoff Logging’s Transport Service Licence (TSL) because of persevering failure to cope with safety issues approximately the Whangarei-based employer.

NZTA moves to revoke Stan Semenoff Logging's Transport Service Licence 3

The worries relate to driving force fatigue and behavior, including breaches of labor time and rest time regulations, pervasive logbook issues, and the accumulation of 116 pace and site visitors-related offenses over four years. The business enterprise is run using former Whangarei Mayor Stan Semenoff and his son Alexander, keeping with the Companies Office sign-in. Regulatory lead and Meredith Connell, Managing

Partner Steve Haszard said NZTA has strongly encouraged Stan Semenoff Logging, seeing that 2016 to get the corporation to raise its protection requirements. The Transport Agency has given Stan Semenoff Logging each possibility to offer proof of improvement. Still, over the path of audits and three years, we have seen that this organization is either unwilling or unable to comply with the vital delivery operator protection requirements.

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