Virginia basketball made me question why I love sports activities

by Marie Rodriguez

More times than I care to confess, I’ve thought, “Why do I do this?”

This,” in this case, is sports—just sports activities in general.

One 12 months and 25 days ago, I was taken aback and trying to figure out what had come about. The No. 1 average seed Virginia Cavaliers had gotten their asses kicked using the No. Sixteen-seeded UMBC Retrievers inside the first round of the NCAA event. Stunned doesn’t accurately describe the feeling.

Virginia basketball made me question why I love sports activities 3

Do you need to weblog via it?” one in every one of my editors asked.

Honestly? My first thought became, “My goodness, no, I don’t want to put in writing about this. This became one of the worst nights of my existence—I thought about it for a minute and then agreed. The following blog turned cathartic as I got to pour my feelings into an empty web page. My grandmother passed away the same week, and I attended her funeral the day before the Cavaliers made records in a manner you never want to see happen.

But running a blog helped me get via it. All of it.

Now, 390 days later, I’m blogging to assist me to get via it once more. Except for this time, I watched one of the most top-notch — if now not the most superb — runs of basketball I’ve ever seen. The Virginia Cavaliers streaked through Gardner-Webb, Oklahoma, Oregon, Purdue, Auburn, and Texas Tech over three weeks to win this system’s first-ever countrywide championship. I never dreamt I would have a danger to cover a Final Four or my alma mater winning a countrywide identity. From the pomp and situation of the event to the actual gameplay, the entire revel turned into mind-blowing. For the Virginia enthusiasts, it wasn’t simply getting over the Final Four hump or bringing that first countrywide championship. The eighty-five-seventy-seven wins over the perfect talented Red Raiders within the last change into a big middle finger to all haters who say the Cavaliers are boring.

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