More American Pets Are Eating Fresh Food

by Marie Rodriguez
Americans are more and more feeding their puppies and cats clean foods.

Most Americans feed their pets with kibble – a form of food ground into small portions. But, extra American pets are ingesting fresh meals, like the birds, sweet potatoes, and spinach.

More American Pets Are Eating Fresh Food 3

Sales of sparkling pet meals in grocery stores and puppy stores grew to about $546 million in 2018. That is a boom of about 70 percent from 2015. Those records come from Nielsen, a business enterprise researching what the general public buys and uses. Even with the huge boom, sparkling food income nonetheless makes up a small part of the $25 billion that Americans spend on puppy meals each year. Supporters of fresh meals diets for pets say these foods preserve their vitamins higher than canned or dried meals. They also say clean feeds are like the pets’ ancestral diets and enhance their health. In America, pet food developments have accompanied human ones. When gravy, a sauce crafted from the juices of cooked meat, was famous in the 1950s, Gravy Train dog food appeared. In the Eighties, Fancy Feast cat food grew consumer interest in connoisseur food.

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