California Black Bears are Back in Action: Stash Food and Trash

by Marie Rodriguez

California’s black bears are waking up hungry from their iciness downtime. To assist reduce undesirable endure foraging conduct, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) reminds the ones dwelling in, or journeying undergoes u. S . A. To keep meals and do away with garbage well. Black bears typically prefer faraway mountainous regions. However, as more human beings standard or stay in natural habitats, the abundance of meals and debris related to human activities is a temptation, hungry bears find hard to withstand.

California Black Bears are Back in Action: Stash Food and Trash 2

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“Over the years, we’ve got seen undergo behavior trade drastically in regions wherein greater people stay and recreate in bear habitat,” stated Vicky Monroe, CDFW’s Conflict Programs Coordinator. “Beginning with spring and into overdue fall, we receive a consistent circulate of calls from the public reporting something from bears breaking into cabins and tents to bears stealing food off picnic tables.”Like different, undergo species, Black bears have an incredibly specialized feel of odor that can occasionally make their cities and undertaking regions wherein tthey’llspeedily find overflowing garbage can or ssomeone’sleftover hamburger and French fries. The public can help bears stay out of human settlements and stick to their natural weight loss program by properly putting off leftover meals and rubbish. Additional hints include:

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