Man breaks into couples home, beverages their booze, and receives bare

by Marie Rodriguez

Dixon, IL. (WQAD) — A Dixon guy is in jail after police say he terrorized a couple of Dixon, Illinois house owners after breaking into their residence, drinking their alcohol and getting naked.

June sixth, Dixon Police have been advised about an undesirable person at a house inside the 2 hundred blocks of South Dement Avenue.

On the manner to the residence, officials have been warned that the burglar became bare and holding a fireplace poker.

The guy became recognized as Joel E. Gartman of Dixon, fifty-two.

“Gartman was at once removed from the house and research started out.”

According to police, Gartman broke in by tearing the screen and forcing open a window at the rear of the house. After getting into the house, Gartman unscrewed mild bulbs and took off his footwear. While inner, Gartman stole as a minimum of three alcoholic beverages from the fridge and walked throughout the house consuming it.

One of the house’s residents changed into slumbering on a sofa on the first floor.

Gartman eliminated all of his garments and sat next to the napping owner of a house while retaining a hearth poker.

The homeowner awoke, found out what become taking place and ran upstairs to wake the other resident. A quick time later, each owner came again downstairs and confronted Gartman, who become nonetheless in the residence trying to hide.

Joel E. Gartman, age fifty two, of Dixon Illinois, turned into charged with residential burglary, (magnificence 1 legal), criminal trespass to residence, (class 4 criminal), criminal harm to property, (magnificence a misdemeanor), robbery, (magnificence a misdemeanor) and a pair of counts of disorderly conduct, (magnificence c misdemeanor).

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