The UK supports National Elections Command

by Marie Rodriguez

The United Kingdom thru British Peace Support Team (Africa) is supporting a national, election-centered command exercise (15th to 18th April 2019) in Lilongwe, aimed toward analyzing, validating and checking out middle countrywide talents and body of workers skills at strategic, tactical and operational tiers of command by using giving individuals a chance to exercise their roles in probable eventualities that might occur before, at some stage in and after the election.

Some of the number one areas to be exercised include: command and manage, selection making, escalation and de-escalation strategies, media control, network engagement, and intelligence.

Speaking on the legit beginning of the workout, the Inspector General of Police, Rodney Jose, stated the exercising become essential as it might offer expertise and talents on correctly contributing in the direction of a truthful, violence loose and credible elections on 21st May 2019.

Inspector Jose introduced: “Elections are not a site of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) by myself. They are a site of numerous other stakeholders. It is consequently critical to comfy support from all key stakeholders and broadens a single shared imaginative and prescient on how collectively we will make the complete electoral process successful”.

Leader for the Exercise Delivery Team from British Peace Support Team – Africa, Steven O’Donoghue, said the exercise become part of UK’s broader package deal of aid to Malawi to conduct free and credible elections in May. He expressed optimism that Malawi can have a surprisingly safe election via the strategies put in the vicinity by means of the Malawi Police Service, Malawi Defence Forces, and Malawi Electoral Commission.

He further added: “This process this week is to exercising crucial choice making on the subject of electoral subjects over the three stages of the election—this section we’re now, the pre-election phase, the actual election day and thirdly the submit-election segment”.

The workout builds on the Police Election Strategy Workshop that turned into held closing 12 months which caused the development of an Election Strategy via the Malawi Police Service, Malawi Defence Force, and different stakeholders.

Apart from assisting the election method workshop, the United Kingdom has contributed £2.Seventy-seven million of UK resource to the UNDP-controlled Elections Basket Fund (EBF) that supports the electoral body, MEC, to deliver a credible election.

The UK additionally contributed £1.Five million in USAID’s joint contribution with USAID to improve the credibility and integrity of the 2019 elections by way of supporting civil society oversight and civic voter schooling.

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