Feasting on fast meals

by Marie Rodriguez

What a terrible shock the weighing scales have given me this morning! After a week of Navratra fasting, I thought I’d have lost a minimum of 10 kg. Instead, the stupid system is showing that I’ve won 5 kilograms. Aap batao, how can that be? I haven’t positioned an available grain in my mouth for seven days — no rice or chapatti- and adhered to all the fasting regulations. I imply, look at the emaciated bodies of the wandering, fasting ascetics and study my body. We’ve been through equal rigors, haven’t we? Then why the distinction? Is this a curse of Mahishasura?

Feasting on fast meals 3

Hey Mata Rani! Tera hello aasra!

What have I eaten after all? I would start the day with a tumbler of milk to reinforce myself with a whole day of fasting. Then I might have some fruit. After which, either saboodana khichdi loaded with fried peanuts and fried potatoes (totally vegan, so can’t fattening) or a kuttu ke Atte ka parantha stuffed with paneer and fried in desi ghee, with a dollop of butter on top. Kuttu ka atta is a chunk dry.

You spot it, so you ought to lubricate it with wholesome fat. The operative word is ‘’holesome’’and anyone knows that ghee and butter are healthier than delicate oil. I could have a pitcher of thick saffron lassi to finish my breakfast. Sweet! Sweet offers an electricity kick crucial for someone at a protracted speed.

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