I attempted hot dogs from four fast-meals chains

by Marie Rodriguez

Commonly topped with condiments and served among golden buns, warm puppies are grilled sausages that are favorite meals in the US. And even though there is not anything quite like a fresh-off-the-grill hot canine inside the summer season, I wanted to peer how fast-food chains might serve up this conventional meal.

As part of an ongoing INSIDER taste check collection, I placed four famous speedy-food chains to the test to peer, which one turned into first-class capable of satisfying my hot-canine cravings. In the beyond, we have sampled the whole lot, from frozen waffles to smoothies.

I attempted hot dogs from four fast-meals chains 3

The chains I visited have been:

I ordered a warm pork dog from each eatery and had it topped with both ketchup and mustard. The friendly puppies had been all served in a bun. Here’s how the recent dogs stacked up, judging with the aid of how plenty value I felt I got for the fee and the way they tasted.

The grilled hot canine at Checkers changed into a stable choice at a low cost.

The grilled hot canine at Checkers becomes topped with an even combination of each ketchup and mustard. The 6-inch hot dog got here wrapped in paper, which kept the toasted, barely sweetened bun quality and heat.

Although the menu calls this a “grilled” hot canine, I felt like the meat tasted and seemed like it had been boiled. Even so, I concept this was a top-notch-tasting warm canine with an excellent meat-to-bun ratio.

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