Drink Easy Is a Radical New Way to Honour Excellent Drinks

by Marie Rodriguez

Three leading lights of the Australian food and drinks scene are uniting to create a new award honoring excellence in Australian liquids. The inaugural Drink Easy Award will have good time brewers, distillers, and fermenters of beer, cider, wine, and spirits, in addition to – in an Australian first – non-alcoholic drinks.

Drink Easy Is a Radical New Way to Honour Excellent Drinks 3

Organizers encompass Duncan Welgemoed, chef and co-owner of Adelaide’s envelope-pushing Africola; Mike Bennie, co-founding father of P&V Wine & Liquor Merchants, beverages journalist, presenter, and co-founder of Rootstock; and Tamarah Petruzzelli, liquids media expert, and director of the innovative organization, Super Assembly. As correctly as attracting some of the top innovative names inside the commercial enterprise to decide the awards, the crew has also partnered with Broadsheet to deliver the event to life. Drink Easy will be the most extensive and most comprehensive guide for booze in Australia,” says Welgemoed. “Partnering with Broadsheet approach we can deliver the award

Every producer involved – to the loads like no-one else.” Nick Shelton, a publisher of Broadsheet, says the trio constitutes the exceptional the enterprise has to provide. “We’re so excited to be partnering on Drink Easy,” he says. “It’s an award that reflects the way humans are genuinely developing and drinking in Australia proper now. It’s approximately creativity, pleasantness, and expertise. However, a maximum of all, it’s about deliciousness, irrespective of what fashion or category of beverage its miles. Drink Easy can have a substantial impact, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

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