The ‘self-discovery’ experience Barack Obama took in his 20s

by Marie Rodriguez

Former President Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii and Palm Springs, and his Instagram indicates he loves to tour. But there was one ride that Obama says changed into a part of his “self-discovery.”

A solo journey thru Europe and Kenya while he changed into a young person become “memorable” and “unique,” Obama stated on the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Global Summit 2019, and it taught him lots approximately himself.

“I turned into already in my mid-20s. I had graduated from university, I had already worked,” Obama told Hilton CEO and WTTC chairman Christopher Nassetta.

But “I’m in no way traveled to Europe before. That experience turned into memorable as it changed into a part of my self-discovery,” he said.

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., January 10, 2017. Picture taken January 10, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTX2YFD5

”…I did now not have any money,” Obama said. “I changed into journeying alone. In Europe, I turned into in those ‘pensiones’ [hostels] and I’d basically buy a baguette and cheese and ate that every day, and a few wines occasionally.

“I nonetheless don’t forget taking the bus from Madrid to Barcelona, overnight. My Spanish wasn’t very good. I befriended this fellow traveler at the bus who should communicate English and I shared with him some bread and he shared with me a few wines. And we arrived in Barcelona and it became simply daybreak and I take into account on foot closer to Las Ramblas. The solar became developing…

“Those sort of journeys are memorable due to the fact they’re part of you as a younger character touring coming across what your vicinity inside the global is,” he said.

Obama says he then went on to Kenya, where he stayed for a month. His father, who was Kenyan and whom he’d simplest met once, had passed away, so he “desired to recognize him and recognize the land he was from,” he said.

“I went on safari and met contributors of my family I hadn’t met earlier than. That turned into very unique,” he stated.

Now, said Obama, visiting with his own family is what makes a journey clearly memorable for him.

“Traveling now with my youngsters is now what’s maximum important,” Obama stated, in step with Travel + Leisure. “There is something superb about seeing a new area, being uncovered to new ideas and experiencing a new culture. Traveling makes you grow. But as a discerning, whilst you’re able to look at that feeling of discovery on your youngsters’ eyes? That is more unique than whatever else. ”

Obama additionally stated he sees the journey as a manner to unite humans.

“I agree with in bringing people collectively instead of separating them out like us and them,” Obama stated. “If we attempt to reassert hard, constant borders at a time whilst technology and statistics are without boundary lines, no longer best can fail but will see greater war and clashes between peoples.”

Obama plans to journey to Taj Mahal in India and Angkor Wat, a famous temple complicated in Cambodia, in line with Travel + Leisure. He says he is likewise going to explore Patagonia in South America, Antarctica, and Brazil.

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