The Murderous History of Qatar’s Most Common Dessert

by Marie Rodriguez

Dip your spoon into Om Ali—a golden, bread pudding-like dessert, lush and creamy with warm milk and studded with golden raisins and pistachios—in any eating place or cafe in Doha, Qatar. You won’t forestall to assume something besides that is, in all likelihood, one of the quality desserts in existence. The recipe couldn’t be simpler or more excellent ideal. Puff pastry, milk, sugar, cream, and a smattering of nuts, raisins, and other dried results are thrown into an oven and served golden brown.

The Murderous History of Qatar's Most Common Dessert 3Qatar, one of the minor international locations of the Gulf States, shares dessert traditions with the rest of the Arabic international locations of the region. Even as the country of Qatar rushes headlong into the futuristic, inexperienced power structure. It makes plans; this historic dessert from decreased Egypt may be discovered at cafes and fancy motels. Q-explorer Qatari manual Abdullah Mohammed advised me, “You may even consume it for breakfast.”

But, like many well-known dishes, the recipe concept is hotly disputed—and uncovering the over-the-pinnacle genuine crime detail of one of the three competing foundation testimonies is an actual thrill trip. All three memories refer back to the name of the dish—”mother” (om) of Ali, her son. (Thanks to the patriarchy, the female who created the dessert by no means gets her full name written down inside the annals of records.

One tale follows the humble path of a vintage lady (who occurs to have a son named Ali) in a hostile village inside the Nile Delta, where a sultan in the thirteenth century, with obvious imperiousness, requested something to devour when he passed through this precise village at the same time as on a hunt. Scrambling for something worthy of a sultan, the vintage girl mixed collectively something she had handy, and the sultan observed it as melt-in-the-mouth delicious as the modern-day versions and made it well-known upon his return to the metropolis—naming it after the mom of Ali.

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