The Good Times Came Back. But for How Long?

by Marie Rodriguez

With a gain of thirteen. One percentage for the Standard & Poor’s 500-inventory index, the first three months of 2019 have been excellent — the fine first quarter in more than 20 years.

The Good Times Came Back. But for How Long? 3

Yet Wall Street is insatiable: Immensely profitable rallies, irrespective of how giddy, are never enough. The urgent query proper now could be wherein the markets are heading, now not where they had been. Though we are no better than anyone else at foreseeing the destiny, we’ve got pulled collectively detailed analyses of the nation of the markets, with recommendations on techniques that could fit your precise wishes. IFor instance, inan a challenging tax season, many people are hungry for criminal resources of earnings that the taxman can’t touch. Municipal bonds are one possible answer. And for lengthy-term buyers concerned approximately climate change, a few finances now not handiest attempt to protect portfolios from the danger of world warming but also are searching for to make the most of it.

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