Sometimes Technology IS the Problem

by Marie Rodriguez

I’ve seen some quite lousy articles inside the the Wall Street Journal; however modern “Do You Resist New Tech at the Office?” is honestly one of the worst.

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It bemoans “seasoned personnel” (read: Gen-Xers and Boomers) who don’t right away include new tech because, ahem, they feel they’re “just now not top with the era.”

Let’s get one factor immediately.

Boomers and Gen-Xers have both been using computer systems at paintings for many years. If a few are a skeptical approximately new era, it is merely probably due to the fact they have sufficient experience to realize how crap tech can royally screw things up.

There are at the least three strong reasons personnel would possibly resist and reject era this is being shoved down their throats, reasons grounded in technical competence and experience in place of fictional technophobia.

In addition to characterizing “pro employees” as the trouble, the object trots out management recommendation like this gem:

“If a peer is struggling with the new generation, explicit empathy, and ask if you may help… You would possibly say, ‘Hey, you seem to be struggling with this. I observed this genuinely useful academic you might like…”

Beyond that the advice is polite, here’s a fact of laptop programming that tech cheerleaders don’t appear for you to get via their thick skulls: if a user must war to apply software, it is poorly designed.

Programs which are properly-designed are intuitive because their designers located how people worked, interviewed ability customers, examined the program with real customers, and tuned the GUI so that it is easy-to-use. In software program land, if it’s no longer intuitive, it’s crap.

The article unwittingly affords a rare instance via quoting a commercial enterprise owner’s court cases about his personnel who rejected new software program due to the fact “importing an antique deal with list into the brand new device generated so many mistakes that I needed to rent helpers.”

His prognosis: “people are frightened of alternate.”

Look, dude, if something as simple as uploading a deal with list creates more than one mistakes that require additional team of workers to restore, the software program you bought is a stinking PoS, and you are a clueless bozo for purchasing it and then blaming your team of workers while it creates more paintings for them.

Employees who say “no thanks” to crap software program do their business enterprise a favor because crap software always gets crap results. Tech cheerleaders by no means admit it. However, a LOT of enterprise software program fails big time. And brings groups down with it.

Even nicely-designed programs step by step turn out to be less useful when they’re loaded down with features which have marginal cost-delivered. If an application is poorly designed, but, function creep creates a usability nightmare.

The best instance of this is the once wildly-famous Quicken non-public finance software, every model of which become successively higher complex and less stable. Eventually, it had been to chucked totally.

There are plenty of enterprise software program applications that further get much less usable and much less stable with every successive release. That’s why some customers withstand the set up of new variations–they recognize from revel in the upgrade will motive more issues.

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