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by Marie Rodriguez
How is the rail transport industry ordinarily dependent on your United States of America?

The Mexican Constitution establishes that railways are a priority place for national improvement. The federal government is the leading authority in this industry because it plans, establishes regulations, coordinates, regulates and supervises the rail area. The rail transport enterprise is being explicitly developed through concessions granted to personal events for the latter to render cargo and passenger shipping public offerings, even though passenger trains are nonetheless undeveloped. Ferrocarril del Istmo de Tehuantepec (FIT) is the only rail shipment line owned and operated by the government via an entitlement granted to a Nation-owned business entity.

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Considering elements of national security and sovereignty, the authorities keep complete domain over the public conversation networks and critical infrastructure along with, for instance, railways and related homes and workshops, in addition to the proper manner (ROW) athe and signaling. Private parties acting as concessionaires must make the most, grow, perform, and maintain the community, and render public transport offerings. However, the concessionaires own the rolling inventory and associated devices.

At the cease of the concession, concessionaires shall surrender to the authorities the network and the related critical infrastructure, including any improvements. The government has the proper first refusal and preferential right to collect the rolling inventory and associated system owned through the concessionaire.

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