Poems at Midnight with Strawberry and Pomegranate

by Marie Rodriguez

I recognize what you’re thinking: Poems at Midnight? That sounds just like the magazine entry of an angsty teen from the early 2000s. The call takes place to return from Tantrum Brewing Co.’s unapologetically fruit-forward and tart Berliner Weisse series. Before the brewery opened on March 23, Ross Crumpton, its founder, stated he dashed to the grocery save to acquire components for potential brews.

Poems at Midnight with Strawberry and Pomegranate 3

Teaming up with David Sheets, Tantrum Brewing’s brewmaster, he experimented with unique fruit combos, which led to the beginning of Poems at Midnight—tucked inside the hills of White County wine you. Crumpton wanted to create brews to ease wine drinkers into craft beer.

It’s no longer off-putting to someone that doesn’t enjoy or know what a sour beer is,” he said. “I’ve had tons of women and men say they don’t drink beer; they’re just wine drinkers. They attempt it, and the next element you recognize is that their glasses are empty. One beer from the collection, Poems at Midnight with Strawberry and Pomegranate, caught my attention when I visited the brewery.

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