Opinion: Technology turned into supposed to be our remarkable liberator, but alternatively it became our jail

by Marie Rodriguez

LAST WEEK I changed into searching out across the lovely landscape of the Burren in Clare while on a hike.

My thoughts changed into clean, calm, and carefree.

If I am honest, I hadn’t felt as linked to myself in a long time. The irony was that I was entirely disconnected from the outside world.

I become attending a retreat, and on a first day, the organizers advocated handing in all technology. Not just turning it off, but handing it in. Shock horror.

For many of the human beings there, that wasn’t an easy thing to do, and a few couldn’t carry themselves to do it.

I passed all of my techs in because I am privy to the benefits of being disconnected. Although I run similar retreats for commercial enterprise leaders, I didn’t locate it smooth any longer being contactable.

Without a doubt, we are unhealthily addicted to our telephones, laptops, and tablets. For many, handing your phone over is like giving a part of your soul away.

I pondered, have we come to be slaves to era, and in that case, what are the results? Will our generation addiction worsen, and in that case, how?

Always on

I’ve been running with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives for greater than 20 years across 50 different industries.

Over the past ten years, one place that appears to be regular in every quarter is the ‘constantly-on’ mindset and the increasing task to ‘flip off’ after work hours. The price of this mindset to extraordinary life and kind of business can be excessive.

Technology has enabled us to make fast development in all areas of our lives, but it also brings its challenges. The most adverse problem is the unrelenting distraction and constant interruption. Sometimes, you want to examine that it’s ok to switch off.

A have a look at from the University of California confirmed people spend on mere 11 minutes permission before they’re interrupted however it takes on mere 25 minutes to refocus on where they had been earlier than the distraction. If you remember every employee throughout a business enterprise, that’s lots of earnings down the drain.

When I work with clients, we typically see a minimum boom of 30% in productiveness inside two to three weeks. We commonly acquire this via better dealing with interruptions. I’m continually amazed at the number of intelligent, senior commercial enterprise individuals who continuously have their e-mail open.

Sometimes last linked isn’t bright that ‘smart.’

The range of commercial enterprise and consumer emails sent and obtained each day is set to exceed 293 billion in 2019 and reach 347 billion by way of the stop of 2023, according to a Radicati study.

When I showed one particular client the studies around e-mail distractions, they determined to experiment with the aid of asking their team no longer to have a look at their emails till noon.

They advised me productiveness multiplied by using 50% throughout the crew inside three weeks. It commenced slipping returned because human beings started secretly searching at their emails again. Going forward, the director decided to disable email totally until noon.

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